Damon Dash Requests Significant Reduction In Child Support Payments


Damon Dash, co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, has filed legal documents seeking a substantial decrease in the amount he pays in child support to Rachel Roy, with whom he shares a daughter. In his filing, Dash states that he can only afford to pay $428 per month, citing an annual income of just $5,140. He attributes his financial struggles to unsuccessful business ventures and a significant reduction in cash flow since 2020, which he claims was a result of the pandemic.

Key Takeaway

Damon Dash has filed legal documents seeking a significant reduction in the child support payments he makes to Rachel Roy, citing a meager annual income of $5,140 and financial struggles stemming from unsuccessful business ventures and the impact of the pandemic.

Dash’s Financial Struggles

In the legal documents, Damon Dash reveals that he made a mere $5,140 in the entire year of 2022, significantly lower than his previous income. He asserts that his business ventures have not been successful and that he has been unable to recover financially since the onset of the pandemic, leading to a drastic reduction in his earnings. As a result, he is requesting a considerable reduction in the child support payments he makes to Rachel Roy.

Rachel Roy’s Response

Rachel Roy, in response to Damon Dash’s claims, has contested his portrayal of financial hardship. She alleges that Dash still maintains a significant stake in Roc-A-Fella Records, which she believes should be a source of substantial income for him. Additionally, Roy claims that Dash has undisclosed revenue streams that he has not revealed to the court, suggesting that he may have additional sources of income that he has not accounted for.