D.L. Hughley Supports Gigi Hadid’s Freedom Of Speech Amid Israel-Palestinian Conflict


Comedian and activist D.L. Hughley has come to the defense of supermodel Gigi Hadid, urging her to speak her mind regarding the ongoing Israel-Palestinian conflict. In the face of recent backlash from the State of Israel, Hughley believes that Hadid, like millions of others, has the right to express her opinions.

Key Takeaway

D.L. Hughley supports Gigi Hadid’s freedom of speech and believes that she should not be criticized for expressing her views on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. He highlights the importance of recognizing our shared humanity and encourages respectful dialogue as a means to resolve ongoing disputes.

Supporting Gigi’s Right to Speak Out

Hughley was recently approached at LAX and asked about his thoughts on the criticism directed towards Gigi Hadid for her social media posts addressing the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians. In response, Hughley emphasized that Hadid has the freedom to voice her views in any manner she deems appropriate. He also highlighted the fact that she is not alone in sharing her thoughts and concerns about the conflict.

The Importance of Recognizing Our Common Humanity

During the interview, Hughley expressed his belief that failing to acknowledge the shared humanity of individuals from different races, ethnicities, and religions only leads to further discord. He emphasized that understanding and respecting one another is crucial for productive conversations and lasting solutions.

Criticism and Counterarguments

Gigi Hadid faced criticism from the official Instagram account of the State of Israel, accusing her of disregarding the suffering of Jewish babies and implying her indifference toward their plight. However, Hughley joined others in noting that not every Palestinian supports Hamas’ aggression, and likewise, not every Palestinian should be labeled as a terrorist.

Moreover, Hughley stressed that Israel also has the right to defend itself against any threats it perceives.