Gigi Hadid And Family Receive Death Threats Over Support For Palestine


The Hadid family, including Gigi, Bella, Anwar, their parents Mohamed and Yolanda, have recently become targets of death threats due to their public support for Palestine. The severity of these threats has forced the family to take immediate action to ensure their safety and well-being.

Key Takeaway:

The Hadid family has received death threats through various means, including emails, social media, and direct messages. They have had to change their phone numbers to escape the ongoing threats and are considering seeking assistance from law enforcement.

Threats Strike Fear in the Hadid Household

According to sources with inside information, the Hadid family members have received ominous and terrifying messages that have instilled fear in them. The threats have reached them through different channels, including emails, social media platforms, and even their personal cell phones.

These threats have escalated to an alarming level, with the phone numbers of several family members being leaked online. This invasion of their privacy, known as doxxing, has exposed the Hadids to individuals who have sent them graphic descriptions of how they would execute their plans to harm or kill them.

Changes and Concerns for the Hadids

Given the severity of the situation, all members of the Hadid family have had to change their phone numbers in order to protect themselves from the ongoing threats. The distress has become so pronounced that Mohamed Hadid, the family’s patriarch, is reportedly considering involving the FBI to address the issue.

Gigi Hadid, who initially broke her silence following the Hamas attack with a measured and nuanced statement, has faced criticism from Israel for her latest remarks. This backlash seems to have incited blind hatred towards the family, leading to real-world consequences.

Support from the Hadid Family

While Gigi’s stance on the Israel-Palestine issue has received attention, the other members of the Hadid family have yet to publicly express their opinions or concerns regarding the ongoing conflict.

In conclusion, the Hadid family’s unwavering support for Palestine has resulted in them receiving alarming death threats. They have taken necessary precautions by changing their phone numbers and may involve law enforcement to address this dangerous situation. The Hadids’ experience highlights the potential risks of expressing public support for controversial matters.