Gigi Hadid Condemns Murders In Israel, Affirms Support For Palestine


Gigi Hadid, the renowned supermodel of Palestinian descent, has publicly expressed her condemnation of the recent murders in Israel. In a heartfelt statement shared on Tuesday, Hadid conveyed her deep empathy and heartbreak for the Palestinian struggle and their lives under occupation.

Key Takeaway

Gigi Hadid condemns the murders in Israel and expresses her ongoing support for Palestine. She emphasizes that harming Jewish individuals is not part of the “Free Palestine” movement and rejects the notion that being pro-Palestine equates to antisemitism.

However, Hadid made it clear that her support for Palestine does not translate to harm against Jewish individuals. She emphasized her responsibility to her Jewish friends, stating that her hopes and dreams for Palestinians do not include causing harm to anyone of the Jewish faith.

Hadid specifically denounced the terrorizing of innocent people, firmly stating that such actions are not in alignment with the “Free Palestine” movement. She criticized the notion that these acts of violence contribute positively to the cause, explaining that they only perpetuate a cycle of retaliation that has stretched over decades.

Addressing the false perception that being pro-Palestine is inherently antisemitic, Hadid emphasized the importance of advocating for basic rights, fair treatment, and security for all individuals, regardless of nationality, religion, ethnicity, or place of birth.

While Gigi’s sister, Bella Hadid, has yet to speak out about the conflict in the Middle East, it is worth noting that Gigi and Bella have previously faced criticism for expressing their anti-Israeli sentiments online. Earlier this year, they shared a post suggesting that Israel was a colonized land rather than a country.

The ongoing conflict in the region has sparked a multitude of responses from celebrities. While some have shown support for Israel, many others have expressed their solidarity with Palestine since the recent attacks on Saturday.