Controversy Surrounds ’90 Day Fiance’ Stars’ Colon Cancer Fundraiser


A fundraising campaign by ’90 Day Fiance’ couple Brandan and Mary Denuccio has been shut down amidst doubts about the authenticity of their colon cancer announcement. The couple, known for their appearance on ’90DF: The Other Way’, initially shared the news of Mary’s colon cancer diagnosis and launched a fundraiser to support her treatment.

Key Takeaway

The ’90 Day Fiance’ stars’ fundraising campaign for Mary’s alleged colon cancer treatment was halted amid doubts, leading to questions about the authenticity of their initial announcement.

Questionable Announcement and Fundraiser

Brandan and Mary’s announcement about Mary’s colon cancer diagnosis and the subsequent fundraiser sparked skepticism among their followers. The couple initially claimed that Mary had been diagnosed with colon cancer after experiencing symptoms for years and requested donations for her upcoming surgery.

However, as doubts began to surface online, Brandan and Mary altered the wording of the cancer diagnosis, indicating that Mary had not received an official diagnosis from a doctor. This led to the suspension of their fundraising campaign.

Fundraising Campaign Halted

The fundraising platform, GoGetFunding, took swift action to halt the campaign in response to user concerns about its legitimacy. The company, after conducting an investigation, decided to remove the campaign from its platform.

According to a representative from GoGetFunding, the decision to stop the campaign was made by the company, and they were not involved in processing the donations, which were received via PayPal. As a result, the platform advised donors to contact their banks to dispute any charges and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

Brandan and Mary’s Response

Following the shutdown of the campaign, Brandan and Mary stated that they were the ones who decided to stop the fundraiser due to the overwhelming negativity directed towards them. Mary expressed her fear and stress, emphasizing that they are still undergoing medical evaluations and tests.