Dak Prescott ‘Super Excited’ For Girlfriend’s Pregnancy: Anticipating A Daughter


Dak Prescott, the talented quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, is overjoyed to announce that he and his girlfriend, Sarah Jane Ramos, are expecting a baby girl. In a recent interview, Prescott expressed his excitement and opened up about his desire to have a daughter. This news comes as a delightful surprise to fans and followers of the NFL star.

Key Takeaway

Quarterback Dak Prescott is thrilled about his girlfriend’s pregnancy and the prospect of having a daughter. The news holds a special significance due to his strong bond with his late mother. Prescott eagerly awaits the birth of his baby girl in March.

A Special Reason for Prescott’s Joy

Prescott’s anticipation of welcoming a daughter into his life holds a special significance. The quarterback lost his mother, Peggy, to colon cancer in 2013. Throughout his journey to becoming an NFL star, Prescott has honored his mother’s memory through various tributes, including multiple tattoos. Now, the prospect of being a father to a daughter offers him a new opportunity to cherish the love and bond he shared with his own mother.

In the interview, Prescott expressed his gratitude for being entrusted with the responsibility of raising a child. He acknowledged the significance of family and the impact his mother had on him, remarking that he looks forward to experiencing those feelings from a different perspective in his new role as a father.

Embracing Fatherhood

With his girlfriend Sarah Jane Ramos, Prescott is eagerly and eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby girl. The couple has already chosen a name for their daughter, but they intend to keep it under wraps until the baby’s due date in March. The anticipation and excitement surrounding the impending arrival have brought a newfound happiness to Prescott’s life, both on and off the field.

Prescott also shared a light-hearted moment during the interview, jokingly attributing his recent success on the football field to his “dad strength.” The quarterback’s exceptional performances have garnered attention, and he playfully linked his achievements to the forthcoming arrival of his daughter.

As fans celebrate this joyous news, they too eagerly await the birth of Dak Prescott and Sarah Jane Ramos’ baby girl. The arrival of a child is a momentous occasion, and the couple’s happiness is palpable. Congratulations to Dak and Sarah Jane!