New Campaign By Dak Prescott Raises Colorectal Cancer Awareness With A Dash Of Humor


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has turned to humor to promote colorectal cancer awareness in a new campaign for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. In a minute-long video for the Lead From Behind campaign, Prescott invites NFL fans to join the movement by getting their colons screened while also supporting their favorite teams.

Key Takeaway

Dak Prescott’s humorous campaign for colorectal cancer awareness uses comedy to engage NFL fans and encourage them to get screened for the disease. By combining trash talk with a serious message, Prescott aims to make a positive impact on the health of his fanbase.

A Light-hearted Approach to a Serious Issue

Prescott, known for his skills on the field, demonstrates a knack for comedy as he encourages fans to take part in the campaign. “As a professional quarterback, I get a lot of s*,” he says. “And, I get it — when you’re not a fan of something, s*ing on it can make you feel good. But, what if I told you now, it can do some good, too?”

In the video, Prescott unveils an at-home screening kit that includes customizable stickers featuring images of various NFL team mascots. Fans can choose their rival team’s sticker and, quite literally, “s***” on their fanbase while promoting colorectal cancer awareness.

Putting a Spin on Trash Talk

With a touch of humor, Prescott pokes fun at rival teams such as the 49ers, Browns, and Eagles in the video. However, it is interesting to note that there is no sticker representing his own team, the Dallas Cowboys.

The campaign features the voice of actor Ryan Reynolds, who even catches a stray joke during his brief appearance in the video.

A Personal Connection

The topic of colorectal cancer hits close to home for Prescott, as he tragically lost his mother, Peggy, to the disease in 2013. During an interview with the “Today” show, he explained that this personal experience motivated him to volunteer for the PSA campaign. Prescott hopes that his involvement will encourage viewers to prioritize their health and get screened for colorectal cancer.