Concerns Of Rising Antisemitism Prompt Jewish Americans And Israelis In L.A. To Purchase Firearms


In light of the increasing incidents of antisemitism, Jewish Americans and Israelis residing in Los Angeles are taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of themselves and their families. As a result, there has been a surge in the number of individuals turning to firearms as a means of protection.

Key Takeaway

Rising antisemitism and attacks on the Jewish community have prompted a significant number of Jewish Americans and Israelis in Los Angeles to purchase guns for self-defense. The surge in first-time gun buyers, many of whom are women and families, reflects the growing concerns about personal safety.

A Growing Demand at Burbank Ammo and Guns

Eric Fletcher, the manager of Burbank Ammo and Guns, revealed that the shop has recently witnessed a significant influx of Jewish Americans and Israelis purchasing guns for the very first time. Remarkably, a large portion of these first-time gun owners are women, and sometimes entire families visit the gun shop together.

These numbers are astounding. In just this month alone, the store has processed an impressive 194 firearm safety certificate tests and continues to count, compared to a mere 45 in October 2022. According to the manager’s estimate, approximately 75% of the new customers are either Jewish Americans or Israelis.

Meet the Safety Test Requirement

Since firearm safety is paramount, individuals seeking to purchase guns for the first time are required to complete safety tests. Therefore, the numbers mentioned above specifically indicate first-time gun buyers.

Increased Demand for Handguns

Burbank Ammo and Guns primarily witnesses a surge in the purchase of handguns. As a consequence, their stock is rapidly depleting, necessitating the shop’s efforts to keep up with the heightened demand.

A Troubling Climate

While there is an ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas overseas, here in America, the Jewish community has become a target of recent attacks. The Anti-Defamation League reports that incidents of antisemitism in the U.S. have risen by almost 400% since the Hamas attack on Israel.

A Surge in Customers Since the Pandemic

This current surge in gun sales comes close to matching the busy period experienced by the gun store at the onset of the pandemic. The prevailing environment necessitates heightened self-defense measures, leading many Jewish Americans and Israelis to seek firearms for protection in uncertain times.