New Zealand Holds Pro-Palestinian Protest Marred By Antisemitic Chants


A pro-Palestinian protest in Australia gathered around 1,000 supporters who took to the streets near the Sydney Opera House to voice their solidarity with Palestine. However, amidst the demonstration, there were alarming instances of antisemitic chants, including the disturbing and offensive slogan, “Gas the Jews.”

Key Takeaway

A pro-Palestinian protest in Australia turned distressing when participants were heard chanting antisemitic slogans, including the abhorrent phrase, “Gas the Jews.” The incident is being investigated by the authorities, highlighting the importance of maintaining respectful political discourse even in the face of sensitive conflicts such as the Israel-Palestine issue.

The Protest and the Chants

The supporters of the pro-Palestinian cause marched through downtown Sydney on Monday evening, making their way to the iconic Sydney Opera House. The Australian authorities had recently illuminated the colors of the Israeli flag on the building, in response to a recent attack on the country by Hamas terrorists.

Unfortunately, this pro-Palestinian protest took a dark turn when participants began to engage in antisemitic chants. In addition to the appalling slogan of “Gas the Jews,” the crowd also chanted explicit profanities directed towards the Jewish community, while proudly waving Palestinian flags.

The situation escalated further when some individuals within the group lit flares and threw what appeared to be a smoke grenade towards the police officers stationed on the steps of the Opera House.

Government Response and Investigation

Reacting to the shocking events, Australia’s Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, condemned the protest and described it as “horrific.” He emphasized the importance of maintaining respectful political discourse in the country, even when engaging with sensitive issues such as the Middle East conflict.

The New South Wales police have confirmed that they are investigating the footage of the protest to determine if any crimes were committed during the event.

Context: Israel-Palestine Conflict

It is vital to understand that these troubling incidents occurred within the broader context of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. The region has experienced heightened tensions and violence since the recent attack on Israel by Hamas on Saturday. The conflict has tragically resulted in the loss of many lives on both sides, with over 900 Israelis and almost 700 Palestinians reported to have been killed since the hostilities began.