Jerry Seinfeld Remains Unfazed By Anti-Israel Protesters’ Heckling


Jerry Seinfeld, the renowned comedian, was met with a group of anti-Israel protesters as he left the annual State of the World Jewry address in NYC. The protesters accused him of supporting genocide, but Seinfeld appeared unperturbed by the incident.

Key Takeaway

Jerry Seinfeld remained composed and unfazed when confronted by anti-Israel protesters, maintaining his calm demeanor despite the intense accusations.

Protest Incident

As Seinfeld exited the Manhattan venue, he was confronted by a group of protesters chanting, “Genocide supporter, you support genocide.” Despite the intense accusations, Seinfeld remained composed, offering a smile and a wave before calmly entering a waiting SUV surrounded by NYPD officers.

Reason for Uproar

The uproar against Seinfeld stemmed from his support for the event’s main speaker, Bari Weiss, a prominent advocate for Israel. Weiss has faced criticism for her public stance on Israel, particularly for her comments regarding a Palestinian professor and poet, Refaat Alareer, who tragically lost his life in an Israeli airstrike in December.

Outcome of the Protest

Although the protesters continued their chants even after Seinfeld had departed, the demonstration was eventually disbanded by the arrival of law enforcement. Two protesters were subsequently arrested, bringing an end to the rally outside the 92Y on NYC’s Upper East Side.

Unfazed Response

Seinfeld’s composed reaction to the protest stands in contrast to the heated confrontations experienced by other celebrities, such as Alec Baldwin, who also faced similar heckling by anti-Israel demonstrators in NYC.