Chilli & Matthew Lawrence: Still Going Strong, Spending Holidays Together


It seems like love is in the air for TLC’s very own Chilli and actor Matthew Lawrence. While they may not be flaunting their romance as publicly as before, sources close to the couple assure us that their relationship is stronger than ever, and they are eagerly looking forward to spending the holidays together.

Key Takeaway

TLC’s Chilli and actor Matthew Lawrence are still going strong in their relationship, even though they are less public about it. They recently celebrated their second Thanksgiving together and plan to spend Christmas together as well. Despite the distance, they continue to prioritize their relationship and create cherished memories.

A Thanksgiving Feast and Beyond

Chilli and Matthew recently enjoyed their second Thanksgiving together, with the talented singer preparing a delicious meal for the couple. Matthew was reportedly blown away by Chilli’s culinary skills, proving that she can charm not only with her voice but also in the kitchen.

Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship, with Chilli based in Georgia and Matthew in Los Angeles, they have managed to find ways to see each other regularly. Their commitment to making their relationship work has been evident, as they made time to attend TLC’s show in Las Vegas together and even caught an Atlanta Falcons game last month.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

The festivities are far from over for Chilli and Matthew. This year, they are planning to spend Christmas together, further cementing their bond and showing that they are in it for the long haul. This level of commitment is not surprising, as Chilli has been very candid about her feelings for the “Boy Meets World” star, even expressing her hopes of tying the knot someday.

Clearly, things are going exceptionally well for this celebrity couple. Their ability to prioritize their relationship despite the distance and their shared experiences and celebrations demonstrate their deep connection. Fans can’t help but be thrilled as they continue to follow Chilli and Matthew’s love story.