Cardi B Shares Racy Clip Of VMAs Bathroom Shenanigans With Offset


Cardi B and Offset couldn’t keep their hands off each other at the MTV VMAs and decided to film a sexual (albeit fake) video during a break in the bathroom.

Key Takeaway:

Cardi B and Offset shocked fans by sharing a racy clip of their bathroom antics at the MTV VMAs. The couple, known for their provocative displays, pretended to have sex while fully dressed. This video has caused quite a stir online, with many fans expressing both shock and amusement.

Getting Steamy at the VMAs

The couple engaged in some steamy antics in a bathroom at the event on Tuesday night. While fully clothed, they pretended to have sex, with Cardi leaning over and making some wild noises while recording the moment for posterity.

In the midst of their simulated romp, it sounds like a friend outside the bathroom was desperately searching for a phone charger. Cardi invited the woman to come in and find hers, much to Offset’s amusement. The reluctant friend’s entry into the room elicited laughter from Cardi.

If you’re wondering what got them in the mood… while they don’t necessarily need a reason, it’s worth noting that Cardi was wearing the same outfit she wore for her “Bongos” performance with Megan Thee Stallion. It’s safe to say that Offset was entranced by her attire as well.

Not their First Provocative Display

Of course, we’ve seen the couple get frisky before. In late July, we witnessed Cardi twerking on Offset at a Las Vegas pool. She posted the video on the same day she was named a suspect in a battery investigation for throwing a microphone at one of her concerts.

By the way, Cardi B was nominated for Best Hip Hop at the VMAs for “Tomorrow 2,” her collaboration with GloRilla. They didn’t win, though.