Canelo Alvarez Claims He Can Defeat Conor McGregor With One Hand


Mexican boxing sensation, Canelo Alvarez, has once again expressed his unwavering belief that he can defeat UFC superstar, Conor McGregor, with just one hand. This bold statement from the undisputed super middleweight champion comes in response to McGregor’s recent claim that he performed better against Floyd Mayweather than Canelo did in their respective matchups.

Key Takeaway

Canelo Alvarez remains confident in his abilities and believes he can defeat Conor McGregor with just one hand. McGregor’s comparison to his fight with Floyd Mayweather only strengthens Canelo’s resolve to prove himself as the superior boxer. With his recent victories and McGregor’s prolonged absence from the ring, Canelo continues to assert his dominance in the boxing world.

McGregor’s Comparison to Mayweather Fight

During an interview, McGregor boasted about his performance against Mayweather, stating that he landed more shots on the boxing legend than Canelo did. McGregor, who landed 111 shots on Mayweather in their 2017 bout, took a swipe at Canelo by suggesting that he would relish the opportunity for another fight with him.

However, Canelo quickly retaliated, brushing off McGregor’s remarks and asserting that he could defeat him with just one hand, accompanied by a playful laughing emoji. This is not the first time Canelo has made such a claim, as he previously stated a similar sentiment when McGregor expressed his interest in fighting him earlier this year.

Canelo’s Dominance and McGregor’s Inactivity

It’s no surprise that the odds would heavily favor Canelo in a potential clash with McGregor. Just last month, Canelo successfully defended his belts against Jermell Charlo, further solidifying his status as one of the best in the boxing world. On the other hand, McGregor has been out of action since July 2021 when he suffered a leg injury in his fight against Dustin Poirier.

Despite McGregor’s popularity and success in the UFC, it’s clear that Canelo’s boxing prowess puts him at an advantage in any potential matchup between the two fighters. McGregor’s absence from the ring and Canelo’s recent achievements only further highlight this disparity.

While fans may be intrigued by the idea of a Canelo vs. McGregor showdown, it remains to be seen if the two fighters will ever step into the ring together. Until then, the debate will continue, and fans can only speculate on the outcome of such a highly anticipated matchup.