California’s New Ebony Alert Receives Praise From Judge Mathis


Judge Mathis, well-known for his role on television as a judge, is commending California Governor Gavin Newsom for implementing the state’s new Ebony Alert system. In a recent interview, Judge Mathis expressed his belief that this initiative is long overdue and essential in addressing the issue of missing Black children and women.

Key Takeaway

Judge Mathis applauds Governor Gavin Newsom for implementing California’s Ebony Alert, asserting that it is a crucial step in addressing the longstanding issue of missing Black children and women. While acknowledging the controversy surrounding the alert, Judge Mathis emphasizes the necessity of adopting specialized programs to ensure the safety and protection of marginalized communities.

A Step Towards Equity and Justice

Recognizing the significant disparity in the attention and resources dedicated to missing Black girls, Judge Mathis asserts that the Ebony Alert has the potential to rectify this long-standing injustice. He firmly believes that such a system will be instrumental in ensuring the safety and protection of this underserved group of individuals.

Overcoming Controversy

Although the announcement of the Ebony Alert sparked controversy, with concerns raised about potential segregation due to its separate nature from the Amber Alert, Judge Mathis dismisses these arguments. He points out that until society achieves true equality, it is crucial to have specialized programs like the Ebony Alert to address the needs of marginalized communities.

The Need for a Comprehensive Approach

California State Senator Steven Bradford, the driving force behind the bill, previously highlighted the necessity of this new system. He emphasized that law enforcement was not adequately addressing the issue of missing Black individuals, leading to the urgent need for additional resources and support. Judge Mathis agrees with this sentiment, applauding Governor Newsom for recognizing the importance of this initiative.