Kelly Clarkson’s Ex Allegedly Criticized Her Appearance For ‘The Voice’ Role


Kelly Clarkson, the well-known singer and former American Idol winner, has made a shocking revelation about her ex-husband and former manager, Brandon Blackstock. According to court documents obtained by the Post, Clarkson claimed that Blackstock criticized her appearance, stating that she wasn’t attractive enough to be a judge on the popular TV show “The Voice.” This allegation came to light during a hearing with a California labor commissioner in 2023, as part of an investigation into Blackstock’s management of Clarkson’s finances during their relationship.

Key Takeaway

Kelly Clarkson has made startling allegations against her ex-husband, claiming that he criticized her appearance and suggested she was not visually appealing enough to be a judge on “The Voice.” These revelations have surfaced during a hearing regarding Blackstock’s management of Clarkson’s finances, adding a new dimension to their ongoing legal proceedings.

Kelly’s Allegations

During her testimony, Clarkson alleged that Blackstock had told her she lacked the sex appeal required to be a coach on “The Voice.” She claimed that Blackstock mentioned NBC was looking for a more “sex symbol type” and even went as far as comparing her to Rihanna, suggesting that she did not fit the network’s desired image. Clarkson expressed her desire to join the show’s panel of judges, but Blackstock allegedly dismissed her aspirations, stating that she was not visually appealing for television. He also reportedly mentioned that the network was interested in signing a Black star, implying that Clarkson did not fit the profile they were seeking.

Blackstock’s Response

In response to Clarkson’s claims, Blackstock reportedly stated that she and then-judge Blake Shelton were too similar. However, despite the alleged criticism, Clarkson eventually joined “The Voice” in 2018 and remained on the show for several seasons. Blackstock claimed that he had secured the job for her in 2017 by pressuring an NBC executive, threatening that she would return to ‘Idol’ if they did not sign her. He also mentioned that it would cost “Blake money” to secure her position at NBC.

Recent Developments

These revelations have emerged in the midst of a separate finding by the California labor commissioner, which determined that Blackstock had overcharged Clarkson during their professional relationship. The commissioner concluded that Blackstock owed Clarkson $2.6 million in fees, including an overcharge of about $1.98 million related to her role on “The Voice.” Blackstock has expressed his intention to appeal this decision.