Caitlyn Jenner Clarifies Remark About Kim Kardashian’s Rise To Fame


In a recent trailer for the upcoming docuseries “House of Kardashian,” Caitlyn Jenner made a comment about Kim Kardashian’s path to fame. However, sources close to Caitlyn have clarified that her remark was not meant as a diss towards Kim, but rather part of a larger conversation where she spoke proudly of her.

Key Takeaway

Caitlyn Jenner’s comment about Kim Kardashian being “calculated” in her rise to fame, as seen in the trailer for “House of Kardashian,” was not meant as a diss. Sources close to Caitlyn have explained that her words were edited to appear more controversial, and Caitlyn is proud of Kim.

Setting the Record Straight

Although it may have seemed like a dig at first, those who know Caitlyn well have stated that her choice of words, particularly the use of “calculated,” was not the best but was not intended to be derogatory towards Kim. According to insiders, Caitlyn’s comment was edited to appear more controversial in the trailer, which is, after all, meant to generate interest and buzz.

A Positive Voice

It’s important to note that Caitlyn was only a contributor to the docuseries and had no creative control over the final edit of her interview. However, she agreed to speak with the producers with the intention of being a positive voice to defend her family’s legacy. Sources close to Caitlyn have emphasized that she is proud of Kim and believes that the 40-second clip shown in the trailer does not accurately reflect her true intentions.

A Reconciliation

Following the release of the trailer, Caitlyn and Kim have reportedly reconciled and are on good terms. The Kardashian family understands the power of editing and the need to create intrigue for their audiences, so any misunderstandings have been resolved.