Britney Spears Police Body Cam Reveals Traffic Stop Excuse: “Had To Use Bathroom”


The recent traffic stop involving pop superstar Britney Spears has made headlines after body cam footage from the California Highway Patrol officers was obtained. The footage shows Britney being pulled over on two separate occasions near her home in Thousand Oaks – once on September 10 and again on October 6.

Key Takeaway

Britney Spears found herself in the spotlight once again after body cam footage from her recent traffic stops revealed her excuse for crossing double-yellow lines – a desperate need to use the bathroom. The video captures her remorseful demeanor and sheds light on the consequences she faced for her driving violations.

Britney’s Apologetic Explanation

Throughout both encounters, Britney is visibly apologetic, explaining that she had just returned from a vacation. However, during the October 6 stop, she adds a rather unique excuse for her driving behavior. Britney claims that she needed to use the bathroom urgently, which led her to cross the double-yellow traffic lines. In the video, she exclaims, “I’m so sorry, I have to use the bathroom … it’s about to come out right now. I’m so sorry.”

Previous Violations

The September 10 stop occurred because Britney was clocked driving at 61 mph in a 40 mph zone. Although she expressed remorse, she was further penalized for driving without her license and proof of insurance in the vehicle. Britney attempted to justify her lack of documents by stating that her security usually holds onto them. However, the officer reminded her of the importance of having them readily available at all times.

The Consequences

As a result of the yellow double line violation during her recent October 6 traffic stop, Britney was fined $327. This adds to the monetary penalties she received in early September, which amounted to a hefty $1,140 for driving without a license and insurance.