Police Conduct Welfare Check On Britney Spears After Disturbing Knife Video


Britney Spears recently had a visit from the police after her behavior on social media raised concerns about her welfare. Law enforcement sources received a call expressing worry for Britney’s well-being based on her recent conduct, including a video featuring knives.

Key Takeaway

Authorities conducted a welfare check on Britney Spears following concerns raised by her behavior on social media. While she was determined to be safe during the visit, worries about her well-being and the welfare of her dogs persist among fans.

Deputies from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department paid a visit to Britney’s home as a precautionary measure. Fortunately, they were able to speak with her and determine that she was okay, leading them to leave without taking any further action.

Concerns from the Public

Multiple individuals reached out to authorities after Britney posted the video featuring her dancing with knives, and one person even conducted a welfare check in the past and was alarmed by her actions. The video depicted Britney banging the knives together, causing worries regarding her safety.

In a subsequent video, Britney appeared to have a gash on her leg, with a bandage wrapped around her arm. While she did not provide specifics about how these injuries occurred, some speculate that they may be related to the use of the knives showcased in her previous video.

Previous Welfare Check

This welfare check is not the first time that police have been called to Britney’s residence. Earlier this year, concerned fans prompted law enforcement to conduct a welfare check when Britney’s Instagram account disappeared. However, it turned out that she was fine and reactivated her account, expressing gratitude for the fans’ concern while also admitting annoyance at the police’s intervention.

Concerns for Britney’s Dogs

In addition to concerns for Britney’s well-being, fans have also expressed worries about the well-being of her small dogs. The animals appeared frightened in the background of the knife video. However, authorities have not taken any action regarding this matter.