Big Brother Winner Taylor Hale: Contestants Should Acknowledge Racism On Show


Taylor Hale, the first Black woman to win “Big Brother,” acknowledges the show’s ongoing problem with racism among contestants. However, she believes that instead of canceling the show, there is a better approach in addressing the issue.

Key Takeaway

Taylor Hale, the first Black woman to win “Big Brother,” believes that contestants on the show should take responsibility for their racist behavior instead of denying it. She argues that acknowledging and owning these actions within the competitive context could lead to less severe consequences.

A Reflection of Society

During an interview in Los Angeles, Taylor expressed her thoughts on the recurring theme of white contestants making problematic comments about their fellow Black competitors. She recognizes that this issue is not unique to the famous CBS series but rather a reflection of American society as a whole.

Strategic Tactics and Accountability

Interestingly, Taylor does not view racism and microaggressions, which she experienced herself, as cardinal sins within the context of the show. In fact, she believes that some contestants might strategically employ these behaviors to gain an advantage and increase their chances of winning. However, Taylor takes issue when individuals are called out for their actions and deny any wrongdoing. She believes that if contestants owned their behavior and attributed it to the competitive nature of the show, they might face less backlash.

A Realistic Perspective

Taylor’s perspective is intriguing, as she embraces a realistic viewpoint. While she acknowledges the existence of racism on “Big Brother,” she believes that the public’s reaction on platforms like Twitter often blows these incidents out of proportion each season.

However, she does emphasize that there are cases where contestants say or do things that are truly unacceptable, resulting in immediate consequences. When such instances occur, “Big Brother” takes appropriate action by promptly removing offending contestants from the show.

Taylor’s Current Journey

As for Taylor’s post-“Big Brother” life, she is enjoying her success to the fullest. She continues to thrive and embrace new opportunities.

Overall, Taylor Hale’s perspective on confronting racism within the “Big Brother” show offers a nuanced and thought-provoking approach. While acknowledging the prevalence of racism, she encourages contestants to take accountability for their actions and believes that addressing the issue within the competitive context could lead to better outcomes.