‘Big Brother’ Winner Jun Song Seeks Support For Son’s Hospitalization


‘Big Brother’ Season 4 winner, Jun Song, is going through every mother’s worst nightmare as her son battles a serious illness. In a heartfelt plea, Jun has reached out to the public for help during this difficult time.

Key Takeaway

‘Big Brother’ Season 4 winner, Jun Song, has turned to the public for financial support after her son, Noah, was hospitalized with meningitis. Jun’s insurance coverage is insufficient to cover the extensive medical expenses, placing a heavy financial burden on her as a single mother.

A Challenging Journey

Recently, the former reality TV star revealed that her 11-year-old son, Noah, has been hospitalized due to meningitis. This devastating diagnosis has kept him bedridden for nearly two weeks, leaving both Jun and her son in a state of distress.

Jun shared an emotional photo of Noah connected to a hospital ventilator, highlighting the severity of his condition. What initially seemed like the flu turned out to be mycoplasma pneumoniae, which escalated into a life-threatening viral infection.

The Long Road to Recovery

During this harrowing experience, Jun endured the agonizing hours of witnessing Noah lose consciousness and reside in the children’s ICU. The uncertainty of his outcome weighed heavily on her as she wondered whether he would sustain permanent brain damage or even wake up.

Fortunately, after 11 long days, Noah started to regain his strength and gradually resumed everyday tasks such as eating solid food and using the bathroom. While it appears that he has been discharged, the family’s journey is far from over.

A Financial Burden

As a result of the extensive medical care Noah received, Jun now faces a significant financial burden. Unfortunately, her insurance coverage falls short of funding the majority of the medical expenses. As a single mother, she is now seeking financial support to alleviate the mounting bills.

Jun reflects on the challenges life has presented her, acknowledging that she knew it would be difficult but did not anticipate such overwhelming hardships. After dedicating years to helping others, she humbly hopes to receive assistance during this trying period.