Big Brother Stars Christmas Abbott And Memphis Garrett’s Marriage Hits The Rocks


The reality TV stars Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett, known for their appearance on “Big Brother: All-Stars,” are making headlines as their marriage takes a tumultuous turn. Christmas Abbott has filed for a temporary DV restraining order against Memphis, signaling a significant rift in their relationship.

Key Takeaway

The marriage between “Big Brother” stars Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett has hit a rough patch, with allegations of infidelity and a temporary DV restraining order filed by Christmas, marking a significant turn in their relationship.

Allegations and Claims

Sources close to the couple have revealed that the breakup is rooted in allegations of infidelity and dishonesty. Christmas Abbott expressed disillusionment, feeling that Memphis is not the person she believed him to be when they tied the knot. She has been seeking a divorce for several months and is now taking steps to file the necessary paperwork. Meanwhile, Christmas has been granted occupancy of the family home in Fort Lauderdale.

Statements from the Involved Parties

Christmas Abbott has emphasized the need for privacy during this challenging time, stating, “It is unfortunate that the actions and intentions of individuals involved in this situation have led to the exposure of personal and sensitive information. I believe that matters of this nature should be resolved in a private and respectful manner. I ask for privacy at this time to focus on my family.”

On the other hand, Memphis Garrett has expressed his sorrow, stating, “My heart hurts. I did not want to have to file for divorce. I was doing everything in my power to work on our marriage. I only wish the very best in life for her and Loyal” – her 5-year-old son.

Speculations and Ongoing Challenges

Speculations regarding infidelity have surfaced from both sides, with Memphis suspecting Christmas of being unfaithful, while Christmas believes the opposite. The situation has escalated to the extent that Memphis was escorted from their home by the authorities, accompanied by his son, River.

Personal Struggles and Legal Issues

Christmas Abbott has been facing a series of personal challenges, including a custody battle and the arrest of her baby daddy for alleged actions against her. These events have taken a toll on her emotionally and financially, with her primary concern being the well-being of her son.

Background and Relationship

The couple’s relationship began during their time on “Big Brother: All-Stars,” where they formed an alliance. Following the season’s conclusion, they confirmed their romantic involvement and eventually tied the knot in 2022.