Baron Davis Finds Passion In Coaching Sons’ Flag Football Teams


Former NBA player Baron Davis has discovered a newfound passion in coaching his sons’ flag football teams. Despite his successful career in basketball, Davis has found fulfillment in taking on a leadership role for young athletes in Los Angeles.

Key Takeaway

Baron Davis, former NBA player, has found joy in coaching his sons’ flag football teams. He brings his own coaching style, likening himself to Mike Tomlin, the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Davis treats the young players like professionals, teaching them valuable life lessons in addition to the sport. His dedication to coaching shines through, and the children under his guidance have a great leader to look up to.

Finding His Coaching Style

Davis, who played for the Hornets and Warriors during his NBA tenure, likens himself to Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin when he’s on the sidelines of flag football games. He takes great pride in guiding and inspiring the young players.

During an interview at LAX, Davis expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “It’s incredible, it’s an incredible feeling being around the kids. I’m like Mike Tomlin out there of flag football.”

Teaching the Basics

With his 5- and 9-year-old sons, whom he shares with ex-wife Isabella Brewster, Davis focuses on instilling important values in his team. He emphasizes the importance of being a good teammate and how to maintain focus during games.

Despite their young age, Davis treats his players like professionals, stating, “I treat ’em like pros. I said, ‘If we’re gonna play, I’m gonna treat you like a pro.'”

A Great Leader for Young Athletes

Davis aims to deliver a significant message to his young athletes. Through his coaching, he is determined to cultivate not only their skills on the field, but also their character and mindset off the field. The dedication and passion he brings to coaching is evident, and it’s clear that the children under his guidance have a remarkable leader.