Baron Davis Supports LeBron & Bronny Combo, Disagrees With Austin Rivers


Baron Davis, the former NBA star, has expressed his disagreement with Austin Rivers and believes that pairing LeBron James with his son, Bronny, would be beneficial for the young basketball player. This comes after Rivers made comments suggesting that it would not be favorable for LeBron’s team to draft USC standout, which sparked a debate in the basketball community.

Key Takeaway

Baron Davis supports the idea of LeBron James and his son, Bronny, playing together and believes it would be advantageous for Bronny’s basketball career, contrary to the views expressed by Austin Rivers.

Baron Davis’ Perspective

During the Super Bowl festivities in Vegas, Baron Davis shared his optimistic view on the potential pairing. He emphasized the positive influence LeBron James could have on his son’s basketball career, stating, “Your daddy is LeBron James, I think it will do nothing but help him.” Davis highlighted LeBron’s exceptional basketball knowledge and coaching abilities, indicating that having LeBron as a father and teammate would be advantageous for Bronny.

Davis drew a comparison to former MLB legend Ken Griffey Jr., who played with his father on the Mariners in the 90s, underscoring the unique experience and insights that come with such a dynamic.

Differing Perspectives

Baron Davis contrasted Rivers’ comparison of being coached by his father with Bronny playing alongside his father, asserting that the James duo would bring significant benefits to any team they join. He emphasized that Bronny already possesses exceptional basketball DNA and having LeBron as a mentor and teammate would provide him with a clear trajectory and blueprint for success.