Bam Margera Celebrates Over 100 Days Of Sobriety And Receives Support From Mark Wahlberg


Bam Margera, the former ‘Jackass’ star, is proudly announcing a significant milestone in his journey towards sobriety. After over 100 days of being sober, Margera credits his girlfriend, the gym, and skateboarding for helping him stay on the right path. His achievements have not gone unnoticed, as he receives a heartfelt shoutout from actor Mark Wahlberg.

Key Takeaway

Bam Margera celebrates surpassing 100 days of sobriety, thanks to the support of his girlfriend, consistent workouts, and a revival of his passion for skateboarding. Mark Wahlberg, who has also embraced sobriety, offers his congratulations to Margera and extends an invitation for them to meet in Las Vegas.

Achieving Sobriety with Support and Dedication

While currently busy with work in San Antonio, Margera is not letting his commitments hinder his dedication to his sobriety journey. He is working on a movie and concurrently developing new artwork for a clothing company. Margera’s success in staying sober can be attributed to three crucial factors: his relationship with girlfriend Dannii, his daily workouts, and reconnecting with his passion for skateboarding.

During his time in San Antonio, Margera has been working out at a gym owned by Jarred Taylor, co-founder of the Black Rifle Coffee Company and a former collaborator of Mark Wahlberg on the 2013 movie “Lone Survivor.” The gym is adorned with images from Wahlberg’s films, creating a motivational atmosphere for Margera.

A Supportive Message from Mark Wahlberg

Margera, eager to share his progress, recorded a video message of himself approaching 120 days of sobriety and sent it to Mark Wahlberg. In response, Wahlberg expressed his admiration for Margera’s milestone and extended an invitation for them to connect in Las Vegas. The actor also shared that he embarked on his own sober journey this year for health reasons, creating a common ground between the two.

Margera, who has crossed paths with Wahlberg at various awards shows and parties in the past, is excited about the opportunity to spend time with the actor. Along his journey, Margera recently received clearance to see his son, Phoenix, and is planning a road trip to California, with a pit stop in Vegas to hang out with Wahlberg.

With Margera determined to maintain his sobriety and receive support from his loved ones and fellow celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, it is clear that he is committed to his journey of personal growth and well-being.