Bam Margera Achieves 30 Days Of Sobriety And Returns To Skateboarding


Bam Margera, the former “Jackass” star, has reached a significant milestone in his journey to recovery. After a month of sobriety, Margera is not only taking control of his life again but also hitting the skate park with renewed vigor.

Key Takeaway

Bam Margera, former “Jackass” star, has reached the milestone of one month of sobriety and is pursuing his passion for skateboarding again. With newfound support and a personal determination to stay sober, Margera is embracing a healthier lifestyle.

A Month of Sober Living

Sources close to Margera have revealed that he recently marked one month of sobriety while staying on a farm outside of Philadelphia, owned by another professional skateboarder. During this time, Margera, along with his girlfriend Dannii, has been focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They have been hitting the gym daily, going on invigorating hikes with their dogs, and as a result, Margera has shed a considerable amount of weight.

Back to Skateboarding

With his improved physical condition, Margera has been able to return to skateboarding. Described as making it look effortless, he is embracing his love for the sport once again. However, what sets Margera’s current journey apart is his commitment to surrounding himself with a supportive and positive circle of friends. A decisive moment came when Dannii presented him with an ultimatum, and Margera chose her over alcohol.

A Personal Choice

Unlike previous attempts at sobriety, Margera now feels motivated to stay sober for himself. This is a significant shift, as it is not influenced by external factors such as family or friends staging an intervention. Margera’s current journey represents a personal desire to make lasting changes and live a healthier life.

In other news, Margera has been grappling with a legal battle over custody of his five-year-old son, Phoenix, with his estranged wife Nikki. Temporary sole custody was granted to Nikki last month following Margera’s arrest and citation for public intoxication on separate occasions. Despite the ongoing custody dispute, Margera has been able to maintain regular contact with his son through FaceTime.

Lastly, Margera’s brother, Jess, shared earlier this year that Margera had destroyed a guitar gifted to them by legendary musician Billy Idol in a fit of rage. In a surprising turn of events, Margera and Dannii recently spent time with Idol in Philadelphia after one of his concerts, where Idol graciously signed a new guitar for Margera.

As Margera’s journey continues, his accomplishments in sobriety and skateboarding signify a renewed determination to embrace a healthier and more fulfilling life.