‘RHOC’ Star Shannon Beador Stays Sober, Chooses Water Over Alcohol At Amazon Party


Shannon Beador, known for her role on “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” continues to make positive strides in her sobriety journey. Despite being surrounded by temptation, Shannon remained strong and opted for water instead of alcohol during a recent celebratory night out.

Key Takeaway

‘RHOC’ star Shannon Beador chooses water over alcohol as she remains dedicated to her sobriety journey.

A Night of Celebration

At the highly-anticipated season 2 premiere of Amazon’s “Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis,” witnesses spotted Shannon Beador holding onto a clear cup filled with water. The event took place at the Sunset Tower Hotel and boasted a crowd of more than 100 guests.

Shannon, who arrived without a male companion, appeared to be in great spirits as she mingled with her girlfriends. Her commitment to her sobriety was evident as she refrained from indulging in any alcoholic beverages throughout the night.

A Personal Journey

This dedication to remaining sober comes after Shannon’s recent legal troubles. Following her DUI arrest and subsequent hit-and-run crash in September, Shannon made the decision to seek treatment.

After being arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and causing property damage in a Newport Beach residential area, Shannon took responsibility for her actions. She enrolled in an outpatient behavioral wellness program that focuses on alcohol addiction.

Staying on the Straight and Narrow

Two months later, Shannon Beador’s commitment to her sobriety remains steadfast. By opting for water over alcohol at the Amazon party, Shannon continues to prioritize her health and personal growth.

Shannon’s decision to stay sober amid a celebratory event sends a strong message of her determination and resilience. As she surrounds herself with supportive friends, Shannon’s focus remains on her own personal well-being.

Through her commitment and willingness to make positive changes, Shannon Beador serves as an inspiration to others who may be facing similar challenges. Her story reminds us that seeking treatment and taking steps towards sobriety can lead to a brighter future.

As Shannon continues to navigate her sobriety journey, her fans and supporters stand with her, applauding her strength and determination.