Atlanta Woman Discovers Her Home Accidentally Demolished Due To Wrong Address


An incredible mix-up has left Susan Hodgson, a resident of Atlanta, in shock and disbelief. After returning from a vacation, she was devastated to find that her family’s cherished home, which they had owned for over 40 years, had been completely demolished without her knowledge or consent. This bizarre incident has left Hodgson scrambling for answers and exploring her legal options.

Key Takeaway

An Atlanta woman expresses shock and frustration as her long-time family home is mistakenly demolished without any notice or permission.

A Surprising Discovery

Hodgson first learned about the demolition when a concerned neighbor called her to ask if she had hired a company to bulldoze her home, which was unoccupied at the time. She was taken aback by the question, as she had not authorized any such activity. Reacting promptly, Hodgson asked her neighbor to confront the crew responsible for the demolition.

A Rude Encounter

Expecting a reasonable explanation, Hodgson was horrified to hear that the crew had responded rudely to her neighbor’s inquiries, dismissing them and showing no remorse for their actions. Determined to resolve the situation, Hodgson sent a family member to the scene with all the necessary documents to prove her ownership of the property. It was at this point that the workers, upon seeing the evidence, admitted their grave mistake – they had demolished the wrong house.

An Apology That Never Came

Once the crew realized their error, they promptly packed up and left, leaving Hodgson to deal with the aftermath of her demolished property. Shockingly, they failed to offer even a simple apology for the irreparable damage they had caused.

Seeking Answers and Legal Recourse

In the wake of this distressing incident, Hodgson is now left grappling with the aftermath and considering her legal options to hold the responsible company accountable. The demolition, which occurred as a result of a mix-up in addresses, highlights the need for improved communication and verification protocols to prevent such egregious mistakes from happening in the future.

The company involved in the demolition, “You Call It, We Haul It,” states that they are currently investigating the matter. However, Hodgson’s faith in a satisfactory resolution remains uncertain.

A Misguided Assumption

It appears that the mistaken demolition may have stemmed from a misguided assumption that the property was abandoned. Hodgson emphasizes that the home was meticulously maintained, with regular lawn care and up-to-date tax payments, making the error all the more bewildering.

This astounding mix-up serves as a cautionary tale and a reminder to homeowners everywhere to take extra precautions to protect their properties from similar unfortunate incidents in an ever-changing world.