Angelyne Sells Pink Corvettes To Fund Completion Of Self-Produced Biographical Film


Iconic Los Angeles personality, Angelyne, is making a surprising move – she is selling one of her famous pink Corvettes in a last-ditch effort to complete her self-produced biographical film.

Key Takeaway

Los Angeles personality, Angelyne, is selling one of her famous pink Corvettes for $200,000 to help fund the completion of her self-produced biographical film about her own life.

Angelyne reveals that she has owned the vibrant car since 2008 and the film is nearly complete, with only some music, color correction, and sound touch-ups left to be done. Therefore, it is crucial for her to secure the funds. Selling the car will allow her to maintain creative control over the film, which is of utmost importance to her.

Angelyne mentions receiving some lower offers in recent days but is holding out for the $200,000. And fear not, Angelinos, she still has three more pink ‘vettes, so she will continue to make a statement as she cruises around the city.

For those who are unfamiliar, Angelyne has been a West Coast icon since the 1980s, often seen driving through the city in one of her 11 pink Corvettes throughout her lifetime. She also gained attention for her provocative billboards featuring her name and photo.

In 2017, she made an appearance with the Corvette that will soon be sold in the film “The Disaster Artist,” starring James Franco and Seth Rogen.

Last year, she voiced her dissatisfaction with Emmy Rossum’s portrayal of her in the Peacock series, revealing that she was working on her own movie.