Amanda Bynes On A New Journey: Removing Face Tattoo After Mental Health Center Check-In


Amanda Bynes, the well-known actress, seems to be embarking on a fresh chapter in her life. A significant part of this transformation involves bidding farewell to the heart-shaped tattoo that adorned her face. Judging by recent photographs, it appears that the tattoo has significantly faded. However, complete removal usually requires multiple sessions, with the tattoo gradually fading away during the process.

Key Takeaway

  • Amanda Bynes appears to be removing the heart-shaped tattoo from her face.
  • She voluntarily checked herself into a mental health treatment center in Orange County after being placed on involuntary psychiatric holds.
  • Amanda appreciates the support provided by the treatment center’s medical team and other patients.
  • Although she was seen in public recently, it is unclear if she is still undergoing treatment at the center.

During a recent appearance in Los Angeles, Amanda showcased not only her diminishing ink but also a striking new look, featuring platinum blonde hair. This marks a striking departure from her previous appearance.

Amanda’s journey to this point has been tumultuous. Earlier this year, she was placed on two separate 5150 holds, a legal provision for involuntary psychiatric evaluations, following incidents such as roaming the streets unclothed. In the beginning of July, she proactively admitted herself into an Orange County mental health treatment center, shortly after departing another facility in the Los Angeles area.

Sources close to Amanda reveal that she appreciates the latest treatment center for its comprehensive support system. The center allows her to be in the presence of a dedicated medical team, therapists, and fellow patients, which is in stark contrast to being on her own.

In the past month, Amanda was spotted in Orange County, going about her daily activities, such as shopping and running errands. This sighting marked her first public appearance since entering the facility. While it remains uncertain if she is currently undergoing treatment at the center, her presence in Los Angeles suggests that she may be allowed to leave during specific hours, but still intends to continue her stay there.