Allegations Of Neglect In John Amos’ Care Spark LAPD Investigation


Cops in Los Angeles have initiated an investigation into allegations of neglect concerning the care of renowned “Good Times” actor, John Amos. The case was opened following claims made by Amos’ daughter, Shannon, who recently reached out to Adult Protective Services, expressing concerns about her father’s health and the quality of care provided by her brother, K.C.

Key Takeaway

The LAPD has launched an investigation into allegations of neglect in the care of “Good Times” star John Amos, following claims made by his daughter, Shannon. The investigation focuses on the quality of care provided to Amos amidst family discord, with the actor and his representative denying any neglect.

Investigation Launched by LAPD

Law enforcement sources have revealed that a case has been opened in response to Shannon’s allegations. The Adult Protective Services received a report based on her claims, subsequently forwarding it to the Los Angeles Police Department, prompting the commencement of an investigation.

The LAPD is delving into the allegations brought forth by Shannon, focusing on the purported lack of proper care for John Amos amidst the ongoing family discord.

Actor’s Recent Hospital Visit

Amidst these developments, it has come to light that the esteemed actor recently had a hospital visit. Although it was reported as a routine checkup with no serious health concerns, this occurrence has raised further questions in light of the ongoing allegations.

It remains unclear whether the authorities are aware of the hospital visit and its potential connection to Shannon’s claims. Throughout this ordeal, both John Amos and his representative have consistently refuted any allegations of neglect.