Ian Ziering Involved In Unprovoked Street Fight With Bikers, According To Riders


The video of Ian Ziering brawling with a group of bikers in Hollywood has sparked controversy, with conflicting accounts of what led to the altercation. According to two members of the 605 Minibike Gang, who were present during the incident, the entire confrontation was initiated by Ian Ziering without any prior provocation.

Key Takeaway

The altercation involving Ian Ziering and the 605 Minibike Gang has sparked conflicting narratives, with the bikers alleging that Ziering initiated the confrontation without any provocation. The incident is currently under investigation by the LAPD, and Ziering has yet to provide a formal account of the events.

Allegations of Unprovoked Aggression

Roy and Nocturnal, members of the 605 Minibike Gang, claim that Ian Ziering’s aggressive behavior was unprovoked. They assert that the confrontation began when Ziering attempted to prevent two minibikers from legally executing a lane split on Hollywood Blvd, despite their right to do so. According to Nocturnal, Ziering then exited his vehicle and instigated a physical altercation, with any incidental contact being attributed to Ziering’s actions.

Possible Motivation for the Altercation

Nocturnal and Roy expressed uncertainty regarding the reasons behind Ziering’s aggressive conduct, especially considering that his young daughter was present during the incident. They speculated that Ziering might have been experiencing a particularly challenging day and subsequently directed his frustrations towards the bikers.

Legal Ramifications and Ziering’s Response

The LAPD is currently investigating the altercation, considering felony vandalism for the alleged bashing of Ziering’s windshield with a helmet, as well as misdemeanor battery for the physical altercation. While Ziering has insinuated that the bikers were at fault and criticized law enforcement for allowing “lawlessness” to occur, he has not provided an official statement regarding the incident.