AEW Faces Backlash For Controversial Antisemitic Storyline Amidst Israel Conflict


Professional wrestling promotion, All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has come under fire from fans following a controversial decision to incorporate an antisemitic storyline in one of its recent episodes. This decision has garnered significant criticism, especially considering the ongoing conflict in Israel.

Key Takeaway

AEW has faced backlash due to the inclusion of an antisemitic storyline during a recent episode. Fans criticized the promotion for its insensitivity, particularly amidst the ongoing conflict in Israel. Wrestler MJF, who was targeted in the segment, responded with anger and called for people to stand up against hate.

The Antisemitic Segment on AEW Dynamite

During a segment on AEW Dynamite, World champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF), who is of Jewish descent, engaged in a promo exchange with Juice Robinson, a member of the Bullet Club Gold stable.

In this particular segment, Robinson and his teammates attempted to goad Friedman into a future match. In a shocking move, Robinson unveiled a roll of quarters, emblazoned with the name “Friedman.” He then brandished it towards the camera and shouted, “You know what I do with these, Sonny Jack? I break idiots’ jaws!”

Online outrage quickly ensued, as many viewers interpreted the scene as promoting antisemitism. This interpretation stemmed from Friedman’s previous accounts of enduring bullying during his teenage years, during which tormentors would throw quarters at him while making derogatory comments.

Public Outcry and Timing of the Storyline

Fans were particularly incensed by AEW’s decision to incorporate such a storyline, given the current conflict in Israel. With violence and tension escalating in the region, critics argue that the promotion’s insensitivity was both ill-timed and tasteless.

Friedman himself responded to the segment, expressing his own frustration and anger. In a fiery retort, he shouted back at Robinson, “You come near me with those quarters, I’ll end your life, you piece of s***!” The wrestler also took to social media to address the matter further.

In a heartfelt post, Friedman acknowledged the trauma the storyline invoked, emphasizing that it shed light on the experiences of individuals who have been bullied for being different. He expressed his commitment to stand up against hate, directing fans to an upcoming speaking engagement where he plans to address the issue of Jewish hate.