Adele’s Latest Hint Suggests She’s Married To Rich Paul


Adele, the renowned British singer, continues to keep her fans intrigued with hints about her marital status. During her residency show in Las Vegas, Adele made another suggestive comment that implies she is a married woman. This time, she playfully referred to herself as a “wife.”

Key Takeaway

Adele’s latest comment during her Las Vegas residency show, where she jokingly called herself a “wife,” continues to suggest that she is married to Rich Paul. This aligns with her previous hints and signals a strong bond between the two. While Adele hasn’t confirmed or denied the speculation, her fans are left wondering about the true nature of their relationship.

Embracing American Football

During the show, Adele engaged in casual conversation with her audience, touching on various topics. One topic that came up was American football, a sport she admits she doesn’t fully understand. However, she revealed that her partner, Rich Paul, is a fan of the NFL, prompting her newfound interest in the game.

Adele humorously confessed that she is “not the greatest wife when it comes to football,” eliciting laughter from the crowd. This lighthearted remark seems to hint at a strong partnership between Adele and Rich, possibly suggesting that they are indeed a married couple.

Adele’s Previous Hints

This recent comment follows a series of clues Adele has dropped, fueling speculation about her marital status. Just a few weeks ago, she referred to Rich as her “husband.” Prior to that, she caused a stir when fans noticed a book titled “The Pauls” in her home, which led to rumors of their marriage.

Although Adele has yet to directly address the speculation surrounding her relationship, her comments and actions imply that she is content and happy with Rich Paul.