Jake Paul Claims Kid Cudi Demanded “Astronomical” Fee To Perform At Woodley Fight


YouTube sensation and professional boxer Jake Paul recently revealed that he had plans to make his highly-anticipated fight against Tyron Woodley even more special by having renowned rapper Kid Cudi perform at the event in his hometown of Cleveland. However, Paul claims that the possibility fell through due to Kid Cudi’s “astronomical” asking price.

Key Takeaway

In his podcast, Jake Paul revealed that he tried to secure Kid Cudi’s performance at his fight against Tyron Woodley but was met with an exorbitant fee. Paul expressed disappointment, emphasizing the significance of the event for the city of Cleveland. He also claimed to give a hometown discount to individuals from his Cleveland community.

The Failed Plan and Cleveland Pride

During an episode of his podcast “BS With Jake Paul,” the fighter discussed his unsuccessful attempt to bring Kid Cudi on board. Paul expressed his disappointment, stating, “I tried to get him to perform at the Tyron Woodley fight just before I came out [to the ring], and he asked for like, an astronomical fee that was like, ‘F*** you.'” Despite understanding that everyone has their price, Paul believed that the moment would have held greater significance for the city of Cleveland than any financial compensation for Kid Cudi.

Paul also hinted at his belief that Kid Cudi lacks Cleveland pride, an uncommon sentiment among individuals from the area. Although he did not provide further details or examples, the boxer emphasized that the event marked the city’s first major gathering after the COVID-19 pandemic, making it an opportune moment to reconnect with the community.

The Hometown Discount

Jake Paul’s podcast cohost, Jasper, argued in defense of Kid Cudi, suggesting that the rapper would also charge his regular appearance fee if their roles were reversed. However, Paul contested this notion, asserting that he always offers a hometown discount to individuals from the Cleveland area. In fact, he claimed to have provided his services pro bono on certain occasions.

The Woodley Fight

Ultimately, Jake Paul made his entrance at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse to the music of Machine Gun Kelly’s “Till I Die” and Jeezy’s “Put On.” Despite Kid Cudi’s absence, Paul went on to defeat Tyron Woodley via a split decision, solidifying his boxing career and further cementing his status as a prominent figure in the world of YouTube and entertainment.