Kid Cudi Claps Back At Rich Paul And Jake Paul Following Cleveland Criticism


Kid Cudi, the renowned rapper, is not one to shy away from defending himself against criticism. Recently, both Rich Paul and Jake Paul took a swipe at Cudi’s loyalty and ties to Cleveland, questioning why the city doesn’t fully embrace him despite his success.

Key Takeaway

Kid Cudi responds to criticisms from Rich Paul and Jake Paul, defending his loyalty to Cleveland and emphasizing his commitment to family. He highlights his successful Moon Man’s Landing festival as evidence of his connection to the city, while also asserting his right to determine his own worth as an artist.

Rich Paul’s Controversial Remarks

Rich Paul, LeBron James’ agent, shared his thoughts on the matter during an episode of the “BS w/ Jake Paul” podcast. He claimed that the people of Cleveland are not supportive of Kid Cudi, sparking a wave of controversy. Cudi, however, strongly disagrees with Paul’s statements and accuses him of making baseless assumptions.

Cudi Fires Back

Cudi wasted no time in firing back at both Rich Paul and Jake Paul. He clarified that he frequently visits Cleveland, as it is where his mother resides. However, his visits are primarily focused on spending time with family, rather than attending sporting events or going to bars.

Moon Man’s Landing Festival

Cudi also made it a point to mention his Moon Man’s Landing festival that took place in 2023. The festival successfully brought together 20,000 people from Cleveland, effectively showcasing his connection with the city. Cudi further expressed his intention to organize similar events in the future.

Jake Paul’s Criticism

Adding fuel to the fire, Jake Paul criticized Cudi for allegedly leaving Cleveland behind. He also revealed that he had approached Cudi to walk him out during his fight against Tyron Woodley in Cleveland a few years ago. However, according to Jake, Cudi demanded an exorbitant fee and refused to offer any hometown discount.

Cudi’s Response to Jake Paul

In response, Cudi made it clear that he is not willing to offer a hometown discount, especially considering his status as a highly respected rapper. He firmly stated that the price he sets reflects his brand and caliber, and he should not be expected to compromise.