New Marriage Speculation Surrounding Adele And Rich Paul


Adele, the renowned singer, has once again set the Internet abuzz with speculation about her marital status. During her Vegas residency show on Saturday, Adele engaged with her audience and participated in impromptu interviews. However, in a momentary slip of the tongue, Adele seemed to imply that she was already married when a female fan proposed to her.

Key Takeaway

Adele sparked marriage rumors once again after amusingly referring to her partner, Rich Paul, as her “husband” during a Vegas residency show.

While playfully declining the fan’s proposal, Adele mentioned that she was straight and jokingly referred to her “husband” who was in the crowd at that moment. Although she did not explicitly mention Rich Paul by name, the basketball agent, who represents notable NBA stars like LeBron James, is currently Adele’s boyfriend.

It remains uncertain whether Adele misspoke or inadvertently revealed her secret wedding to Rich Paul. Nonetheless, Adele has consistently expressed her admiration for Rich since they began dating a few years ago. In fact, she has described their relationship as the happiest she has ever been.

This is not the first time that fans have speculated about the couple’s marital status. Last September, speculation arose when sharp-eyed fans noticed a book entitled “The Pauls” at Adele’s home. Adele did not address the rumors at that time, and it appears she will similarly maintain her silence now as well.

As of now, Adele’s representatives have not provided any clarification regarding the marriage rumors. Whether Adele and Rich Paul have truly exchanged vows or if it was simply a momentary slip, remains to be seen. Nevertheless, Adele’s slip of the tongue has fueled excitement and curiosity among fans who eagerly await further updates on their relationship status.