Actor Alan Ruck Crashes Truck Into Hollywood Pizza Shop


In a surprising turn of events, “Succession” star Alan Ruck found himself in an unfortunate accident as he crashed his truck into a popular pizza shop in Los Angeles. The incident occurred on Wednesday evening at Raffalo’s Pizza, located at the intersection of La Brea Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard.

Key Takeaway

Alan Ruck, known for his role in “Succession,” had an accident as his truck collided with another vehicle and crashed into a pizza shop in Hollywood. Although there were injuries, they were not life-threatening, and no pedestrians were harmed in the accident.

According to law enforcement sources, the crash took place around 9 PM and involved a four-way collision. Shocking video footage captured the aftermath, showing Ruck’s truck partially embedded into the side of the brick building.

Fortunately, although there were two injured individuals, both were conscious and breathing, indicating that they are expected to recover. Thankfully, no pedestrians were harmed in the accident, and there is no suspicion of driving under the influence.

Following the collision, Ruck remained at the scene, appearing outside his truck and making a phone call as the extent of the damage was assessed by others present. Surveillance footage reveals that the actor’s truck rear-ended another vehicle, causing it to be pushed into the intersection before crashing into the pizza shop.

Unsurprisingly, the incident drew attention from bystanders, who couldn’t resist capturing the chaos in photographs and videos. Unfortunately, this only added to the traffic congestion in the already bustling area of Hollywood.