Alan Ruck Clarifies His Use Of Cane At Golden Globes


Alan Ruck, best known for his role in ‘Succession’, was spotted at the Golden Globes using a cane for support, sparking speculation about the reason behind it. However, contrary to popular belief, the actor revealed that the cane was not a result of a car crash.

Key Takeaway

Alan Ruck clarified that his use of a cane at the Golden Globes was not due to the car crash, but rather because he recently underwent knee replacement surgery to address his long-standing battle with arthritis.

Speculations at Golden Globes

At the star-studded event, Alan Ruck caught the attention of many as he navigated the red carpet with the aid of a cane. Given his recent involvement in a car crash, where he lost control of his electric truck and crashed into a pizza parlor, many assumed that his use of the cane was linked to the accident. Additionally, after the incident, he was seen wearing a knee sleeve, further fueling the speculation that he had sustained injuries from the crash.

Unrelated Ailment

Sources close to the actor disclosed that the real reason behind the cane was a knee replacement surgery that Alan underwent just 3 and a half weeks prior to the event. This surgical procedure was necessitated by his struggle with arthritis, providing a clear explanation for his reliance on the cane.

It is evident that the actor’s use of the cane was not a mere fashion statement but a genuine necessity, aiding him as he continues to recover. Despite the speculation surrounding his well-being, Alan Ruck’s presence at the Golden Globes serves as a testament to his resilience and determination to overcome health challenges.