Aaron Rodgers Reluctantly Dons Auburn Tigers Gear After Losing Bet To Jets Teammate


Aaron Rodgers, the renowned quarterback and former player for the Cal Golden Bears, experienced a bittersweet moment when his former team lost to the Auburn Tigers last Saturday. It appears that Rodgers had made a wager on the game with his New York Jets teammate, C.J. Uzomah. As a result of the bet, Rodgers had to reluctantly wear Auburn Tigers gear the following day.

Key Takeaway

Aaron Rodgers was seen wearing Auburn Tigers gear after losing a bet to his Jets teammate C.J. Uzomah. Rodgers, a former player for Cal Golden Bears, had to put on the Tigers attire following Auburn’s victory over Cal. Despite the loss, Rodgers refused to say the famous “War Eagle” phrase and instead focused on his upcoming performance with the Jets against the Buffalo Bills.

The game ended with a 14-10 victory for Auburn over Cal in Berkeley. A video filmed by Uzomah, who played for the Tigers from 2011 to 2014, captured Rodgers dressed head to toe in Auburn attire, providing evidence of his loss. Uzomah can be heard laughing and jokingly asking Rodgers to say “War Eagle,” the school’s famous rallying cry.

Despite the good-natured banter, Rodgers refused to comply, shaking his head and giving a thumbs down. The video garnered attention not only from Uzomah but also from Auburn University, who shared the clip on their Instagram page, calling Rodgers the “newest fan of Auburn Football” and acknowledging Uzomah’s victory in the bet.

While Uzomah and Rodgers may have friendly college rivalries, they are currently focused on their upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills. It will be Rodgers’ debut with the New York Jets, and they will need to put their wagers and college loyalties aside for their professional duties.