What to Choose in Palm Jumeirah: Villas or Apartments?

Palm Jumeirah is globally known as a Dubai paradise with ultra-luxurious villas. It is so popular that apartment residences are appearing there too. If you’re considering buying a villas in Palm Jumeirah, you may also want to consider its apartments.


Apartment Residences in Palm Jumeirah

Yes, Palm Jumeirah is best known as an island with ultra-luxurious villas. But its new residential towers are just as appealing. So if you want to live in Palm Jumeirah, but don’t want to purchase a spacious villa, residential towers are a good option.


The Top 5 residential towers in Palm Jumeirah are:

  • The 8
  • FIVE Palm Jumeirah
  • Shoreline Apartments
  • Serenia Residences The Palm
  • Marina Residences


All the residential towers have picturesque sea views and numerous upmarket amenities. These enable residents to enjoy comfortable waterfront living without going to the mainland of Dubai.


Villas: Pros and Cons

Living in a villa has its own advantages and disadvantages. These advantages include:

  • Private living. Every villa has its own territory, which can be used only by the villa’s residents. So you can have your own garden or a lounge area. Ultra-luxury villas often include a private swimming pool. Usually, there is a private vehicle parking lot for 1 or 2 cars near a villa. All these amenities guarantee that your living will be as private as possible.
  • Lots of space. Villas are more spacious than apartments. This is because, you don’t just purchase interior spaces, but also a private outdoor space. So, if you wish to have your own garden or a lounge area to enjoy your time with your family and friends, this is an option you can’t have while living in an apartment.
  • Quietness. In most cases, you will not hear your neighbors. The space between the houses guarantees that no noise can be heard by other people. So you can watch films and laugh at night or listen to music, your children can play noisy games, shout and fuss around, and no one will be disturbed.


Here are the disadvantages of villas:

  • Someone has to take care of not just the interiors but also your garden. While keeping the house clean and tidy is a routine for most people, looking after a garden can be quite challenging.
  • Villas are usually located far from key city areas. Therefore, you will need a vehicle to get to the city. In several cases, you’ll need to own a vehicle to go to a supermarket or a restaurant.
  • Villas are usually more expensive than apartments. This is quite natural, as you are purchasing your own private space, beyond the house.


Apartments: Pros and Cons

Apartments in residential towers have their own advantages and disadvantages. These advantages include:

  • Limited space. Some people, especially those who live alone, can feel lonely and scared in vast spaces. They want a small cozy space where they can feel safe.
  • There are neighbors or people around to ask for help in case of emergency. This is often really important for people living alone, especially senior citizens.
  • Numerous amenities. In most cases, residential towers offer a lot of upmarket amenities for their residents. These include fitness facilities, room service, children’s playgrounds, a park with walking and jogging paths, etc.
  • Well-developed infrastructure. You don’t need to own a vehicle for everyday life as residential towers have numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants nearby.


The disadvantages of staying in an apartment are:

  • It can be noisy. In your apartment you sometimes can hear the lift going up and down, your neighbors coming and going, the neighbors’ children crying, and so on. Some people are used to all these noises and the noises even make them comfortable. But sometimes this can be quite stressful.
  • Pets are often not allowed in residential towers. This can be a great disadvantage for pet lovers, especially if your pet is bigger than a chihuahua or a cat.
  • You shouldn’t disturb your neighbors. This means that you can’t listen to loud music at night or have a party with your friends in your apartment.


Purchasing Property in Dubai

Dubai is a fast-developing multi-national urban area with lots of possibilities for business and comfortable sea-coast living.
The real estate prices here are constantly growing, so now is the right time to purchase a property to invest in or to live. Please feel free to contact They will answer all your questions regarding real estate purchasing and assist you in choosing a property.