Top 10 Work From Home Jobs You Can Pick Up Now

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The advent of the Internet and social media has given many people opportunities to stay connected no matter where they are. One such opportunity is the ability to now work from home. Gone are the days when work from home jobs seemed like an unrealistic prospect. Today, many jobs can now be accomplished in the comfort of your bedroom or living room.

Thanks to the Internet, online job opportunities are now more accessible. Whether you’re into web development or freelance writing, there’s a job out there for everyone to pursue at home.

Jobs that allow you to work at home are great because they provide a more flexible and comfortable working environment. They can be especially beneficial for stay-at-home parents who need to look after their kids.

The downside to the nature of such jobs, however, is the lack of security. As with every job opportunity, there are pros and cons to working at home. Compared to more ‘traditional’ and office-based jobs, work from home prospects may not come with the same level of benefits. Nevertheless, being able to work at home can still open a number of opportunities for you.

If you think the work from home lifestyle is something that works from you, then check out some of the best jobs you can pursue with this arrangement. You might just find a great beginning to a new career.

Virtual Assistant

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As more businesses transition to online operations, it’s expected that the demand for skilled virtual assistants will see an increase. With virtual assistants, employers expect independent employees who get the job done from a remote location. Many times, they work from the comfort of their home while the computer is their mobile office.

Virtual assistants provide administrative, creative, and technical services for businesses. They can work for multiple employers, so long as they have the necessary resources to accomplish their assigned tasks. Additionally, virtual assistants can make quite the payroll with the services they render. As per ZipRecruiter, virtual assistants in the United States can make as much as $60,000 annually, on average.

Take note, however, that the pay a virtual assistant receives is dependent on the type of company they work for. That’s on top of their skill level and skill set.

Freelance Writing

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Freelance writers continue to be very in demand. From content writing to email marketing, freelance writing is one of the most popular work from home jobs available today.

Freelance writing is a great work from home job for aspiring writers or writing enthusiasts. For one, it allows you to earn from doing something you enjoy. Furthermore, freelance writing is an excellent way to practice and hone your writing skills.

There are several freelance writing gigs worth considering. If you want something more fast-paced, try applying to some online publications that cover current events or feature evergreen topics. Alternatively, some freelance writers are tasked with more creative writing projects, such as copywriting for campaigns or other marketing materials.

Figure out what type of writing it is you excel at and start from there. It will help if you keep a portfolio of all your best writing pieces to show potential clients or employers when they ask for samples of your work.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager
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Almost all businesses and enterprises have a social media page. Some would consider social media as the new-age style of public relations and advertising.

A social media manager is an individual who is highly skilled in the use of different social media platforms. They manage a business’ social media accounts, which means they boost a business’ presence and brand image online. Social media managers utilize strategic and engaging posts to build a business’ online following. Doing so can ultimately help grow a brand’s clientele and establish good rapport with customers.

While this work from home job may seem easy, it’s worth noting that a good social media manager is someone who has a clear cut understanding of digital marketing. Think of a social media manager as a public relations figure and online marketer in one. There’s a lot of responsibility in this line of work, so don’t take it lightly.

Web Developer

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Although all good businesses have their own websites, not all business owners actually know how to build a website. This is where web developers come in.

A web developer has the responsibility of creating and managing a website or blog. Web developers are well-versed in programming and can be tasked with building a website from scratch. Many web developers are self-employed, as their line of work does not necessarily require them to operate from the four walls of a regular office. All they really need is a good computer and access to the Internet. From there, their skills and knowledge in programming will do the remainder of the work ahead of them.

Among several work from home jobs, web developers are one of the top earners due to the type of specialized services they render. Reportedly, web developers can make nearly $70,000 on average a year. Earnings can vary depending on a web developer’s seniority and level of expertise.

Moreover, becoming a successful web developer does not require any specific degree or educational path. Having a level of education in programming or computer science can help, of course, but it’s not an essential in this line of work.

Data Entry

Data Entry
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Many businesses require the service of data entry officers to enter important data into their systems. For this work from home job, data entry specialists need to have a basic understanding of office spreadsheets and word processing. Having the ability to type fast and accurately is also a prerequisite.

Payment for data entry officers may vary. Pay can come from an hourly wage or even on a per-piece basis. Since data entry merely requires a functioning computer or laptop, it remains to be a fairly common work from home job. It’s not the most demanding line of work, but it can be a steady source of income if you prefer working remotely.

Online Surveys

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Answering paid online surveys is one of the most common work from home jobs available today. If you’re the type of worker who performs best as their own boss, then this option might be the most ideal for you.

Paid surveys are a popular choice for people who want some quick and easy cash. In fact, some students even pursue these surveys as a means of earning some extra money while they’re still in school.

One striking thing that distinguishes this work from home job compared to others is the fact that it doesn’t require any specific skills or training. It does not call for any technical know-how, either. All you need is a laptop or computer and access to the Internet. If anything, basic reading comprehension is a must in order to provide proper and accurate answers for these online surveys.


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One good thing about the digitalization of facilities and skills is that it has helped talented workers capitalize on their best abilities. Put your knowledge of linguistics to good use by becoming an online translator. Translation jobs can range from providing translated captions on videos to translating emails between languages.

A translator may be out to work under strict deadlines, though. Nevertheless, the rewards of their labor are worth the stress and effort invested in such work. Additionally, some employers may seek out translators who have acquired a bachelor’s degree. Other employers, on the other hand, may simply require your fluency in at least two languages. It’s worth noting that although having a degree in a specific language can help, it’s ultimately not a requirement when pursuing online translator jobs.

Online Tutor

Teaching online
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Online tutoring is the process of teaching online with the use of a virtual or networked environment. It can be a convenient setup for both teachers who have a passion for sharing their knowledge, and pupils who love to learn.

Interestingly, a knowledge in linguistics can be a major advantage when it comes to being an online tutor. Many online teaching jobs involve teaching English — or some other specified language — to people on the other side of the globe who are keen on honing their language skills. There are also platforms like Skillshare — which uses videos as its primary teaching platform — that offer online lessons on a plethora of specialties and interests.

Take note that being an online tutor or teacher may require some hardware beyond just a computer or laptop to get the ball rolling. In the case of online English teaching jobs, you will most likely need a proper headset (with a microphone) and at least a basic webcam to get you started. You won’t need the most high-end tech though, so don’t worry too much about breaking the bank when it comes to this work from home job.


detect minor errors
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Whereas being a freelance writer calls for some quality writing skills, being a proofreader means you have an eye for detail. Proofreaders ensure that a piece of writing is free from typographical and grammatical errors, among other issues. They are responsible for polishing documents and articles on top of making sure such work is of utmost quality.

It goes without saying that if you aspire to pursue any proofreading gigs, you must have a solid grasp of grammar, syntax, and the like. Moreover, proofreaders have sharp eyes when it comes to spotting any mistakes or errors. As such, they are responsible for upholding a business or brand’s standard of quality when it comes to writing and other areas that call for written works.

Being a proofreader is a good work from home job, as many proofreading stints offer flexible work hours. Such jobs are readily available online as well and can be pursued as a part-time or full-time obligation.

Graphic Designer

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Consider a career in graphic design if you’re looking for a more creative work from home job. Virtually all organizations and businesses need their own visuals and graphics, after all. This is where graphic designers step in.

Graphic designers can be tasked with supplying simple visuals to creating branding materials and even logos. They can be tapped for a variety of industries, whether it be for corporations or more creative organizations.

Besides having a good eye for visuals and design, you will also need to have a good grasp on whichever editing or graphics software you prefer. Graphic design is a great work from home job, because like many others on this list, it’s a job where responsibilities can be accomplished outside a more traditional office setting.

Often, graphic designers are paid per project. Thus, it’s best that you have a good understanding of your skills and the quality of your work in order to price yourself in a way that’s fair for both you and the client. If being a work from home graphic designer is something that interests you, then get started by practicing and honing your sense of aesthetic.


Without a doubt, being able to work from home is a dream for many people — especially those who are drained from the typical nine-to-five office job. Fortunately, technology — and advancements in the Internet — now make work from home jobs much more accessible. With the right set of skills and abilities, you can pursue a work from home job as well.

As with many transitions in your professional life, it’s should be said that making the move from an office job to a work from home one is not without its own risks. Despite that, if you’re up for the challenge, then start honing your skills and talents. Invest in yourself; you are your best resource, so master your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Just because you’ll be working from home doesn’t mean you can slack off from hard work.

There are many success stories when it comes to work from home jobs. But, to reach your own success, you’ll need to put in the time and effort to master your craft. Good luck!