8 Jobs With The Highest Divorce Rates

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Did you know that there are jobs with higher divorce rates than others? It turns out that there are jobs whose conditions increase the likelihood that your relationship with your partner will end. What are these jobs, and what is the reason for this phenomenon? Is there something in common between them? Now we explain these curious facts.

Global Figures

In America, the United States and Mexico are the countries with the highest divorce rates, according to the international scientific dissemination media EOM. In Europe, the parallel corresponds to Moldova and Ukraine. And the fact is that separations have increased surprisingly since the end of the 20th century.

There are several factors which lead to this situation:

  • lack of commitment,
  • abuse,
  • imbalance in the division of responsibilities,
  • incompatibilities, and
  • unfulfilled expectations.

Especially these last two have to do with the economic distribution in the family, priorities, and personal and work time. For example, many couples separate because of the lack of time for the children on the part of the father or mother. Likewise, the lack of time as a couple after marriage to continue maturing the relationship; or poor communication. It is when we begin to study the jobs with the highest divorce rates.

What are the jobs with the highest divorce rates?

We have already mentioned some of the causes of marriage breakups. Now it’s time to find out which jobs have the highest divorce rates.

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1. Carriers

It’s no surprise that this is one of the jobs with the highest divorce rates. Truckers, especially those who travel across entire countries, spend many hours away from home. In addition to having a heavy job, which demands rotating shifts, one of the biggest problems is the disconnection from the family.

It can generate friction between couples and complicate the relationship with the children so that the marriage breaks up and the family structure becomes fragmented. According to a study by the professional training and coaching portal Zippia, the probability of divorce is 13%.

2. Probation Officers and Supervisors

Trying to reintegrate an ex-convict into society is a complex job. Now, what if it were a parolee? The task becomes even more difficult. Working in this area is sometimes daunting and exhausting, which can drain a marriage. As a result, this is another of the jobs with the highest divorce rates.

Zippia gives it a divorce probability of approximately 13%. Often, professionals in this area work overtime and spend much of their free time cutting back on their pending work. So there is also no time for family or activities that help you connect with your partner.

3. Office Workers

Office workers have a 15% chance of their marriages failing. In this case, it is due to the exhausting hours of daytime work, which generate stress and other discomforts that can be reflected in the couple’s relationship. Many office workers arrive home very tired and have no energy for activities with their partners, such as going out to eat, going on a date, or helping them at home.

Similarly, work can also extend outside of working hours, especially if you are in a complicated department, understaffed, or have strict bosses. Most likely, you don’t even have enough time to be with yourself, rest, or do tasks other than work. Thankfully, technology makes these tasks easier in all aspects of life. For example, if you are still studying, services such as paperhelp review your study assignments. And having a robot vacuum cleaner, food delivery, and cleaning at home will make you satisfied.

4. Mechanics

It may surprise you that automotive service technicians and mechanics are among the jobs with the highest divorce rates. However, the truth is that it is a job that comes with a number of complications. Ladders give you a divorce rate of 17% for specific reasons.

Being a mechanic is a job that carries a lot of risks. You may get injured while repairing a car and even get into an accident if the machinery suffers an imperfection. That, combined with the fact that salaries are not that high and the flow of customers can be variable, makes life a little difficult, and the chances of divorce increase.

5. Health Care Workers

Long, heavy shifts are the common denominator in jobs with higher divorce rates than others. In this case, Ladders indicates that the likelihood of divorce for healthcare workers is 14%. Although depending on the area, the workflow may vary (a dermatologist is not the same as an emergency physician), the schedules are almost always extravagant, especially if you work in a hospital or clinic.

Physician assistants, nurses, and more earn less than the upper echelons of the healthcare workforce. This means lower wages for equal work hours, which complicates the cost of living.

6. Entertainment Employees

Actors, actresses, singers, comedians, producers, camerapeople, technical crew, and other entertainment-related employees are often away from home. Let’s count the long filming days if you’re a TV or movie actor or actress. The tours if you’re a singer or comedian. All the talent escorting if you’re a producer, and of course, the production staff that’s necessary to put it all together.

According to a study by Radford University in the United States, this is another of the jobs with the highest divorce rates. In fact, the research reveals a 28% probability of marital separation. Not only because of the physical wear and tear that comes with the time away from home but also emotionally.

7. Cooks and Restaurant Workers

According to the Radford University study, employees in this area have a 29% chance of divorce. And it is no surprise because the work is completely exhausting: shifts often exceed 12 hours, and they have very little time off. The schedules are also very hectic, and there are days when they are on break and are called to work. Income is variable, depending on how many hours you work, whether you have a fixed contract, the number of customers, and how well-known the restaurant is. Also, there are countries where waiters rely heavily on tips.

In short, working long hours from Monday to Friday and weekends and doing extras is not desirable for a married couple. When do you spend quality time with your partner? This is one of the jobs with the highest divorce rates.

8. Police and Military

By the nature of these jobs, marriages tend to carry a surprising amount of stress. Not only are they often away from home for long periods, but there is the possibility of your partner getting hurt or worse during their working hours. The situation is compounded if your husband or wife is sent off to war and you don’t know when he or she will return. That’s why the divorce rate for these careers is 30%.

To cultivate a relationship, it is necessary to invest time, money, and energy; something that is very complicated if you work in areas such as those mentioned above. Added to this, the work-remuneration relationship is not always good, putting more stress on marriages, which require equity. However, adverse conditions are not always an indicator of divorce, as many professionals manage to balance their work and love lives.