Driving Tips for Long-Distance Road Trips

Long-distance driving trips are the perfect way to relax and take a break from your stressful weekly routine. Whether you’ve been on such trips before or you’re making plans to go on your first one, one thing’s for sure: you cannot overlook the importance of safety. 

That long drive may be days away, so you must consider safety methods as soon as possible. Even if you are an experienced driver, unexpected situations can always arise, so you must know what to do and how to react. You may face high traffic, road obstacles, fatigue, or noisy and agitated passengers during long trips. 

How do you stay safe and alert while you go through all those miles? Here are some driving tips to help you survive your long-distance journey.


Take Regular Breaks


Whether your trip is only 3 hours long or it’s longer, you cannot just stay glued to the driver’s seat throughout the entire journey. You need to take some time to stretch and relax for a bit. Now, we know that the only thing on your mind is getting to the destination as soon as possible, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your safety.

Take a break every 2 hours to stretch your legs, have lunch or drink some water or soda, and fill up on gas. They don’t have to be the longest breaks ever – 10-15 minutes should be enough. 

Make sure to park in a rest area or stop at a roadside attraction. 


Don’t Drive Without Getting Enough Sleep


Getting an early night before a car journey is just common sense. Your body and mind must rest before you hit the road. This makes sure you can focus on everything in front of you and that your reaction times are at their best. 

If you don’t get enough sleep, it puts your life at risk, because you may take micro-sleeps. Micro-sleeps are temporary losses in focus, and while they may not sound like a big deal, they may cost you a lot if you happen to deal with them while driving. One second is enough to lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident. 

Never miss a full sleep before going on a long-distance road trip.


Wear Comfortable Clothes


Going on a road trip after so long makes you want to wear your most trendy clothes and show off. But sometimes, the clothes we like the most are not necessarily the most comfortable. When you’re driving, it’s crucial to feel as comfortable as possible, especially when you’re going to drive long distances. 

Wear something stretchy or a bit loose and apply sunblock too if it’s hot outside and you have to expose your skin. Also, consider adding a pillow behind you as well if you get back pains after driving for too long. 


Eat and Stay Hydrated


Don’t drive dehydrated and on an empty stomach. Your discomfort may quickly take over your ability to focus, which can in return put your life in danger. 

Make sure to stop now and then to drink some water and have something to eat. Stay away from fast foods and heavy meals in general. They can make you feel bloated. Instead, opt for healthy food in smaller portions or snacks. Also, make sure you always have fresh water in your vehicle. 


Make a Playlist


Not everyone is a fan of the local radio, even if sometimes it comes in handy when you can’t stand silence while driving. 

Making a playlist with your favorite songs can make it easier to pass the time and can make the road trip more enjoyable. Whether you’re driving alone or have other people with you, pick some enjoyable music and create a playlist. Then, listen to it until you reach your destination.


Make Plans


Plan ahead of your trip. This means you should know your route and know where you are going to stop along the way. On top of that, it also means that you are aware of the potential weather at that time. 

Check weather reports early on and think about how you are going to get there. Use maps or a GPS device and look at all the roads you are going to take. Planning the trip will make it less stressful.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to stay safe when going on long-distance road trips. In Georgia, motor vehicle accidents were the second leading cause of hospitalizations and injury deaths in 2020. Don’t contribute to these numbers. If someone else causes the accident in Georgia, reach out to an Atlanta auto accident attorney to sue the driver for damages and injury.