Top 15 Drinking Games for Your Next Party

Fun Drinking Games

Drinking games are pretty much commonplace when it comes to parties. They help elevate the occasion from a simple gathering to something much more fun and exciting. Most people would be familiar with the classics, such as Beer Pong, but there have been many new additions to the house party game list since then. Uno? Jenga? While drinking? Sounds more fun than you think!

Let us help light up your next party with these game ideas, whether it be drinking games for two or with your friends.


Drinking Card Games

For the most part, the point of drinking games is to get people just a bit more drunk. That said, card games are a great prelude before moving to the more challenging games. They’re also a fun alternative if you don’t have that much space where you’re hosting the party. Here are some exciting options to choose from:

1. Circle of Death

  • Start by getting all players to sit in a circle with a drink each.
  • Pick a dealer. They will be known as the “dealer of death.”
  • If someone calls the dealer by any other name, they must drink for five seconds straight.
  • The dealer of death will begin distributing cards clockwise, facing up.
  • If a card matches the one on either side of it, whether it be in number or suit, this card is considered “active.”
  • All players with an “active card” must drink the amount of seconds that matches the number on their card.
  • The dealer of death is in charge of counting down. If they are the one drinking, they must count the seconds by tapping on something.

Because of the level of uncertainty, and its ominous name, this is one of the most fun games groups can play during parties.


2. Beeramid (Pyramid)

Card Pyramid
Photo from Pixabay
  • Pick a dealer from your group. They will be tasked with making a pyramid of cards, face down, on a table or floor. The bottom row would have seven cards, the one above it would have six, and so on. The top would have a single card.
  • The remaining cards would then be distributed as evenly as possible among the players.
  • They would have 10 seconds to look and memorize the cards, in the order they have been given.
  • The dealer will turn over the first card, starting with the bottom row.
  • Next, the dealer will call out the value of the card. Any of the players can claim to have that particular card, whether it be true or not, and “command” another player to drink.
  • The one asked to drink, referred to as the “victim,” can follow or call the other player’s bluff.
  • If they call “bullshit,” the other player must reveal the card in question.
  • Should the player be bluffing, they must drink twice. If they do have the card, then the “victim” drinks twice.

When it comes to drinking games with cards, this one requires a bit more strategy, which adds a degree of thrill for those playing.


3. F The Dealer

F The Dealer
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
  • Gather everyone around a table with the drinks. Everyone gets dealt with one card.
  • The player with the lowest card gets to be the dealer. They will collect all the cards again and shuffle the deck.
  • Once done, the dealer would ask the player to their left to guess what the card on top of the deck is.
  • If they manage to get it right, the dealer takes four sips. Should they guess incorrectly, the player drinks the difference between the card and their guess. For example, if the card is a 7 and their guess was 5, they have to take two sips.
  • The dealer would have to move on to the next player, moving clockwise, if the guess is correct.
  • However, if three players in a row did not guess correctly, the dealer would be changed. The player to their left takes over the role.

This one is based purely on luck, which makes it a more relaxed house party game.


4. UNO Drinking Game

Drunk Uno Card Game
Photo by Edgar Colomba from Pexels
  • If you are unable to play a card from your hand, you can pick up a card. You are safe if you can play the card you chose. If it isn’t, you have to drink.
  • If you are reversed on or skipped, you have to drink.
  • When a standard wild card is played, everyone drinks. The same goes if a +4 wild card is played. If the next player is unable to play a card, drink five times (one social and four solo for the +4).
  • Just like regular UNO, +2 and +4 cards stack, but only +2 with +2 cards and +4 with +4 cards. These also call for a drink.
  • The one exception for this UNO drinking game is that you can reverse a +2 or +4 if you have the color reverse it is changed to. This should help maintain excitement since drink stacks are on the line. Note that you cannot skip +2 or +4 cards.
  • If a player puts down their second last card, but does not say UNO, then every player can call them out on it—within a particular time frame. Once the next player has done their turn, they can no longer be called out on it. If the player does get called out, they must finish their drink and get a new one if they don’t have much left.
  • After a few rounds, there might be more than a handful of drunk people. If they miss a turn, they must drink!
  • When someone wins, everyone must count their cards. One card is equal to one drink.
  • Ran out of cards? Shuffle the ones that have turned up and continue until you get a winner.

This is one of the most fun drinking games for groups. Just make sure no one needs to drive home because everyone will inevitably get drunk!

5. Ring of Fire Drinking Game

Most people are still unsure what this house party game is, so let us break it down for you. You might want to print this out, especially if your guests are still unfamiliar with it.

  • Begin by placing a tall glass in the middle of a table. Surround these by cards, all faced down. This is your ring of fire.
  • Players will then take turns drawing a card from the circle, making sure not to break it. If they break it, they have to drink.
  • For every card, there is a corresponding rule.

The Ring of Fire rules are as follows:

  • 2: The player who drew the card gets to pick someone else to drink.
  • 3: The player who drew the card drinks.
  • 4: All guests who identify as female drink.
  • 5: The player who drew the card must put their thumb on the table before the next 5 card gets picked. The last person to follow suit must drink.
  • 6: All guests who identify as male drink.
  • 7: The player who drew the card must point to the sky before the next 7 is drawn. The last person to follow suit must drink.
  • 8: The player who drew the card needs to pick a drinking mate. They would have to drink every time the other drinks.
  • 9: The player who drew the card says a word and everyone takes turns rhyming with it until someone messes up. That person has to drink.
  • 10: The player who drew the card thinks of a category and everyone takes turns naming something from it. Whoever messes up, drinks.
  • Jack: The player who drew the card comes up with a new rule. Anyone who breaks it, drinks.
  • Queen: The person who drew the card becomes the question master. Anyone who answers a question asked by them has to drink. This applies to ANY type of question.
  • King: The player who drew the card pours some of their drink into the cup in the middle. The person who draws the last King card drinks all of the middle cup’s contents.
  • Ace: Starting with the person who drew the card, everyone continually drinks and can only stop when the person to their right has stopped.

This is one of those drinking games where everyone will inevitably become very drunk. However, do practice moderation and drink responsibly!


Drinking Games for Two

Staying in with your partner or your roommate? Here are some game ideas you can try out!

6. Sip or Post

Sip or Post
Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels
  • Start by choosing who will flip the coin first. The other person guesses which side it landed on. If they get it correctly, they switch. However, if the answer is incorrect, they get another chance.
  • During the second flip, if they still get it incorrect, they must answer any question you have for them. If they answer wrongly, the coin is flipped a third time.
  • This is the most important flip. If they guess correctly, the players switch places. Should they answer incorrectly, they take a shot and post something embarrassing on Facebook. This could be something like, “I just pooped my pants” or “I still wet the bed.”

The added risk of embarrassing oneself on social media actually makes this one of the best drinking games.


7. Battle Shots

Photo from the Hasbro Official Website
  • If you don’t own the game, you can DIY it. Start by drawing a 7×7 grid on a piece of paper. Label the rows numerically and the columns alphabetically.
  • Add six X’s to mark where your boats are in the boxes.
  • Next, take turns trying to guess where the opponent’s boats are located.
  • Every time your opponent guesses right, take a shot.
  • The loser is whoever gets six shots first.

In most cases, the best drinking games are the simple and straightforward ones. That is just the case with this boozy twist on the classic Battleship game.


Classic Drinking Games

8. Jenga Drinking Game

Jenga Drinking Games
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Drunk Jenga, anyone? This game is already difficult enough when sober, so can you imagine how complicated (and funnier) it’ll be when you add some liquor into the mix? Try this as your next house party game.

  • First, take your Jenga blocks. Write down a rule or challenge on each one.
  • Set them up the same way you would normal Jenga.
  • Play as you normally would. If someone pulls out a block that comes with a dare, they must do it or drink instead!
  • Whoever tips the entire tower over must finish their drink.

Each time the game ends, you can switch things up by writing down new rules or dares. Because of its simplicity, it is often used for bachelorette drinking games as well! Just add dares and questions related to the bride, and everyone is sure to have a good time.


9. Beer Pong

Beer Pong
Photo from Pixabay

Among the different drinking games on our list, cup pong is among the most challenging—but it is also one of the most fun.

  • The set-up is fairly simple. Each side would have six cups arranged in a pyramid shape.
  • Two teams would then take turns trying to toss ping pong balls into each cup.
  • The first team to clear the opposing team’s cups is the winner.
  • Whenever a ball lands in a cup, the player must drink its contents.
  • The rules can be changed according to your preferences, however! You can make it more fun or more complicated by using blindfolds and so on.

Looking for fun college games? Don’t miss out on this one. You can always liven it up by tweaking it and adding twists to make it more challenging for every player. It is one of the best drinking games for any occasion!

Movie Drinking Game

10. The Office Drinking Game

Most of us are familiar with movie drinking games, where participants have to take a shot whenever something happens. But why settle for less, when you have The Office episodes to enjoy your drink with? These are great for groups, as drinking games for two, or as a solo thing if that’s more your speed. Consider this one a classic!

  • Take a sip whenever Jim turns to the camera.
  • Three sips whenever Kelly appears completely oblivious to Ryan’s feelings.
  • A shot whenever Jim pulls a prank on Dwight.
  • Another sip when Dwight is… being himself (mentions his beet farm, etc.).
  • Do a waterfall when Jim and Pam display sexual tension.
  • A sip whenever Andy tries to hit on a co-worker.
  • Take a shot whenever Michael says “That’s what she said!”
  • A sip whenever the camera spies on the characters without them knowing.
  • Finish your drink if all of the characters are gathered in the conference room.

Add your own rules or change them up to fit your preferences. The best bit about The Office drinking games is that you can make them completely your own.

Korean Drinking Games

These games come in a variety of forms. There are card games and dice drinking games to choose from. Here are some that will liven up any party!

11. The Submarine

Submarine Korean Drinking Game
Photo by Graham Hills from Flickr
  • Gather all the players in a circle.
  • Pour some beer into a glass about halfway full.
  • Drop an empty shot glass in the beer and make sure it floats!
  • Take turns pouring more alcohol into the shot glass.
  • The first one who sinks the “submarine” needs to drink both glass contents!


12. Flicking the Bottle Cap

Bottlecap Drinking Game
Photo by Daniel Spiess from Flickr
  • Take a bottle cap and make sure it comes with a loose end.
  • Next, twist this part until it becomes straight.
  • Every player will take turns flicking the cap until the loose end snaps.
  • Whoever breaks it has to drink.
  • Remember, only one flick is allowed for every turn.

These are simple game ideas that are actually really fun once you give them a try! It is best for group gatherings, too.


Drinking Board Games

Board games are fun by themselves, but they can make for the most fun games if you add a bit of alcohol. If you’re not keen on learning new drinking games, why not go for what’s tried and true? Here are some of our favorites.

13. Drunk Monopoly

Drunk Monopoly
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
  • Before starting the game, designate spots on the board for drinking triggers. This could be the spots for hotels or a block that says “go to jail.”
  • Once done, players can start rolling the dice and play as they normally would.
  • If they land on a drink trigger, they receive the consequences and would have to down their shots as well!

Dice drinking games are more fun because of the added uncertainty. You can add more twists to this game by including penalties, aside from simply drinking!


14. Tic Tac Toe

Drunk Tic Tac Toe
Photo from Pixabay
  • Create a tic tac toe board big enough to accommodate shot glasses instead of simple “x” marks.
  • The rules are pretty much the same, except the loser drinks all of the shots after.
  • Make sure players pace themselves, however, as it can be easy to get drunk when playing this!

Want to add your twist? Include consequences in some of the squares. This way, not only will the other player have to drink, they also have to do the action written on it!


15. Buzzed (Designed for Three or More Players)

Buzzed Drinking Game
Photo from Amazon
  • The cards already come with instructions and all players have to do is draw one.
  • Do as the card says.
  • If you deny the actions written on it and people call you out on your bluff, drink two shots!

This is one of the easiest drinking board games. The game itself can be easily purchased online.


In Closing:

Drinking games can be as fun and creative as you make them! You can put your own spin on classics or turn your regular games into drinking ones, with just a few tweaks. Just make sure you practice moderation when drinking and never allow your friends to drive themselves home after!

Have a fun and safe game night!