Top 15 Legit Fiverr Alternatives to Earn Fast Cash

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The online world has expanded and come a long way over the years. With its development comes the emergence of the Internet as a steady source of income for some people. Whether it be work from home jobs or temporary freelance gigs through websites such as Fiverr, the online world has become a remarkable place for job opportunities.

It’s worth noting that Fiverr continues to be a top of mind option when it comes to freelance jobs online. It is, after all, one of the most popular platforms for freelance work.

But what exactly is Fiverr? And why does it continue to be so popular to this day?

What is Fiverr?

For the uninitiated, Fiverr is a multibillion freelance platform that connects clients with freelancers who possess skills that are necessary for certain projects. The name “Fiverr” comes from the platform’s early asking price of $5 for accomplishing certain tasks. Although some users can charge much higher than this rate, there are still some who seek workers willing to take on tasks for $5.

Today, there is a wide range of services that can be offered on Fiverr. Examples of such services include copywriting, administrative assistance, web designing, and the like. Job listings on the site are diverse, with one-off jobs being referred to as gigs.

Why Do People Want An Alternative To Fiverr?

As impressive as Fiverr is, however, it isn’t without its flaws. Here are some of the reasons why freelancers would prefer an alternative to Fiverr, despite its popularity.

  • Fiverr does not favor newcomers. It may take a while before you land your first gig on the site. This, ultimately, puts newbies at a disadvantage.
  • Another disadvantage is the 20% share that Fiverr receives for every payment made to freelancers. This is on top of other charges, like the withdrawal fee. Such deductions might not be ideal for freelancers who want to maximize the payments they receive.
  • Due to many gigs being a one-time job, relying on Fiverr as a steady source of income can be difficult. Long term job offers exist, but they’re not as common as one-off stints.
  • One of the major criticisms Fiverr faces from its users is its high rate of blocking accounts without any due reason. Users have reported being blocked by the site without any prior notification or justification. As such, users end up losing their customers and ultimately, their source of income. This can make it discouraging to continue with the site’s services.
  • Fiverr does not have a strict screening process, which means anyone can offer services and take on assignments regardless of their skill level. The quality of work that clients receive can thus be inconsistent and even subpar.
  • Networking outside of the website is not an option. In essence, Fiverr owns your clients, as the platform has a policy that prohibits any contact between clients and freelancers outside of its website. This can put a stunt on your efforts to grow your business beyond the limitations of Fiverr.

Though these criticisms are justified, they do not necessarily make Fiverr a bad platform. Fortunately, there are many other alternatives worth checking out in case you’re unsatisfied or discouraged by Fiverr’s services. These alternatives are safe, legit, and can become an extra source of income with your freelancing services.

Top Fiverr Alternatives


Upwork, Fiverr alternatives
Image from Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelancing platforms that bring together both freelancers and clients. What differentiates Fiverr and Upwork is how job proposals work. Whereas freelancers offer their services on Fiverr, Upwork involves clients having to post job listings right off the bat. From there, interested freelancers can apply for these jobs, with the best fit being hired to work on the posted assignment.

Upon advertising a job listing on Upwork, clients will have the option of inviting freelancers to apply. Like Fiverr, scamming is limited, as the platform handles all payments. Upwork also offers a plethora of services that range from graphic design to content writing, among other things.

Why Choose Upwork?

  • Offered freelance services are just as diverse on Upwork.
  • Building a portfolio or a list of clients who might be interested in your service is not essential. With Upwork, there is a large pool of client available to hire.
  • Low scam rate as clients pre-fund the client before work commences.


Freelancer, Fiverr
Image from Freelancer

Another platform for freelance jobs that remains in the leagues of Upwork and Fiverr is Freelancer. It’s a great place for freelancers and clients to meet and transact with one another. Moreover, Freelancer boasts of over 30 million users from all over the globe. The platform offers an effective search option that helps streamline talent, create milestones, offer payments, and more.

Freelancer is simple to use. Here, freelancers match with jobs that suit their skill set based on what they specify on their profiles. Clients post job offers, and with a robust profile, freelancers apply (bid) for such jobs.

What Makes Freelancer a Great Alternative to Fiverr?

  • Clients can pay freelancers based on milestones they achieve when accomplishing projects.
  • Additionally, clients are not required to pay upfront when hiring freelancers.
  • Users can acquire special privileges through the Preferred Freelancer Program. This program showcases freelancers to clients with high paying job offers based on a freelancer’s work experience and skills.


Image from SEOClerks

SEOClerks is the ideal platform for SEO gurus looking for some freelance jobs. As its name suggests, SEOClerks brings clients and freelancers together, with SEO as a common ground for projects.

On SEOClerks, freelancer jobs revolve around growing client’s search traffic, increasing web traffic, and sales. Other services that freelancers can offer on the platform are link building services, forum posting, keyword research, and other SEO-related tasks.

SEOClerk is similar to Fiverr in that freelancers offer their products using gigs on the platform. Although Fiverr has the advantage of a huge database of buyers and sellers, SEOClerks still offers its own unique strengths against competitors.

What Makes SEOClerk a Better Alternative To Fiverr?

  • Faster and better support is available on SEOClerk. Responses to queries are quick and often come in within 24 hours.
  • As a marketplace for SEO tasks, it’s great for both freelancers and clients who are in the need for specialized SEO-related projects and services. Due to its tailored services, clients are assured of quality work.


Truelancer, Fiverr alternatives
Image from Truelancer

Though it may be one of the newer online platforms in the freelancing world, Truelancer is, without a doubt, another great marketplace for freelancers. The services offered on the site are just as diverse as other job postings on competitor sites.

Truelancer accommodates freelancers from all across the globe who want to make money from home. Like Upwork, clients advertise their job offer, giving interested freelancers the opportunity to bid for it.

What Makes Truelancer a Good Choice?

  • The charges on freelancers’ earnings are low compared to Fiverr. Truelancer takes between 8% to 10% of a freelancer’s earning, whereas Fiverr takes 20%.
  • Although its headquarters are based in India, Truelancer offers freelancers the opportunity to pursue a freelance job based on their location. The platform offers freelance jobs in major cities around the world.
  • Truelancer offers clients flexibility when it comes to job postings. Clients can choose to submit single jobs or build a rapport with freelancers by hiring them for more long-term projects.


Image from PeoplePerHour

Established in 2007, PeoplePerHour is one of the top freelance platforms that brings together talent and employers from across the globe. It is one of the best freelancing platforms that thoroughly screens talents before offering them a spot on their platform.

Both workers and employers are protected through escrow. With this, payment is released when both parties are satisfied upon completion of a project. Freelancers can also receive ratings from clients based on their performance and work output. Such feedback can help freelancers raise their chances in landing more projects on the site in the future.

Why Choose PeoplePerHour Over Fiverr?

When you consider the business model, PeoplePerHour is arguably the most similar to Fiverr. It, however, offers the following freelancing advantages for users:

  • Freelancers undergo a thorough vetting process. This significantly reduces scams and offers more risk protection than Fiverr.
  • Freelancers of various skill levels can make reasonable income on the platform.
  • PeoplePerHour also has a referral program that awards users with a bonus when a new user creates an account through their referral link.


Image from SolidGigs

SolidGigs is a paid freelance platform that offers unique opportunities for freelancers to not only acquire jobs, but improve on their skills as well. The site offers a 30-day trial for $2, with a membership fee of $19 a month once the trial expires.

Furthermore, SolidGigs offers learning materials — such as premium course lessons and long-form interviews —  for its members to enjoy. This is an added benefit to a SolidGigs membership, as such resources can be crucial in improving your skills as a freelancer.

Why Choose SolidGigs Over Fiverr?

  • Unlike Fiverr, SolidGig offers training and other helpful materials for freelancers to improve their skills.
  • Users save time with job-hunting, as curated jobs listings are refreshed daily.
  • The subscription price is fixed, so you won’t have to worry about price hikes once you commit to a membership.


Toptal, top talents
Image from Toptal

Short for “top talents,” Toptal is one of the top online platforms for freelancers. The website is dedicated to making sure that only top quality freelancers get a spot on their platform. Clients are thus assured that their projects will be handled by trusted professional who are knowledgable and skilled in their craft.

Based on Toptal’s policy, less than 3% of their applicants are offered a spot in their marketplace. This is due to Toptal’s strict screening of quality talent. The screening process involves a review of a candidate’s technical and language skills, as well as an assessment of their personality and overall depth of expertise in their respective field. To further sift through the best of the best, candidates are given a test project as an opportunity to demonstrate of their competence and professionalism as a freelancer.

Why Use Toptal Instead of Fiverr?

  • The screening process is tedious, but this assures both clients and freelancers of quality work and professionalism.
  • Freelancers have an opportunity to work with top startup companies. This, without a doubt, can be a fantastic boost to their portfolio and resume.


Guru, Fiverr, Fiverr alternatives
Image from Guru

Similar to Upwork, employers on Guru find and hire freelancers by putting up job listings on the site. Guru offers a good selection of jobs that cater to a variety of skills and industries. These include freelance jobs in business, finance, design, art, sales, programming, and administrative tasks, among several others.

Membership on Guru comes free of charge. The site also offers different payment methods: PayPal, card/debit card, and wire transfer. US residents have the option to receive pay via eCheck as well.

Why Consider Guru Instead of Fiverr?

  • The different options to make and receive payments is convenient.
  • Guru’s WorkRooms system allows freelancers to juggle different jobs simultaneously.


DesignCrowd, Fiverr, Fiverr alternative
Image from DesignCrowd

In the same way SEOClerks is perfect for freelance SEO experts, DesignCrowd is a great platform for freelancers with a specialty in design. DesignCrowd connects design freelancers with clients in need of design jobs. It also offers three different deadline options, which range from a 3-day deadline to a 10-day one.

Since DesignCrowd is a freelance website that is specifically tailored to design work, it’s a great starting point for designers who want to land a couple of design projects online. Clients are also assured of quality output from a vast selection of designers.

Why Consider DesignCrowd Instead of Fiverr?

  • DesignCrowd has an excellent value for money.
  • It’s a great platform for freelancers who want more creative projects.


Image from Gigbucks

Some may consider Gigbucks as one of the most similar alternatives to Fiverr. It offers short-term gigs, with a price range that starts from $5 and goes up to $50. Moreover, posting is free, and users can post as many gigs as they please. This gives freelancers more opportunities to pursue different projects so long as they are able to juggle their work efficiently.

Why Use Gigbucks Instead of Fiverr?

  • Sellers can approach buyers directly in a bid to secure a job.
  • The customer support service of Gigbucks comes with a high response rate compared to Fiverr.


FreeUp, freelance, Fiverr alternatives
Image from FreeUp

While FreeUp is one of the newer freelancing platforms around, it boasts of having a quality roster of freelancers on its website. FreeUp claims to have the top 1% of talented freelancers from a variety of industries. Clients can thus expect quality output, while freelancers get the chance to land excellent projects that put their skills to good use.

Why Use FreeUp Over Fiverr?

  • Unlike Fiverr, which has a 20% commission rate, FreeUp has a lower commission rate of 15%.
  • Payments come in weekly to your bank account, so it’s a good option if you want a steadier source of income.


Image from Twine

Twine markets itself as a place for creative and digital freelancers to connect with potential clients. It’s a great community for freelance musicians, designers, developers, and many others. Not only can freelancers book jobs on Twine, but the platform is also an opportunity in itself to network with like-minded creatives.

On Twine, freelancers can either create pitches to clients, or have clients hire them directly. Payments to freelancers are made once a client approves of their final work. Similarly, final project files remain private until clients send out their final payments. This thus protects both parties from any potential scams or unjust practices.

Why Consider Twine Instead of Fiverr?

  • Freelancers can receive pay at an hourly rate or day rate. This provides flexibility when receiving payments.
  • Rates of gigs vary, but the site does not require any upfront payment upon posting a job listing.


Image from Outsourcely

Outsourcely is the platform to reach for when you want more long-term projects. Thus, many startups consider Outsourcely when hiring remote staff for their team. The platform highlights a variety of positions and skill sets that range from administrative support to design and multimedia.

Why Choose Outsourcely?

  • Joining Outsourcely comes at no cost. Freelancers have the option to upgrade their profile for a fee in order to unlock more membership perks.
  • Outsourcely highlights long-term projects, so it’s ideal for freelancers who want more long-term remote positions., Online Jobs
Image from is a freelancing platform that specifically highlights Filipino workers. Here, employers from all over the world can hire Filipino workers at an affordable rate. You can work as a writer, virtual assistant, designer, web developer, and so on.

As the site only admits Filipino workers, competition is much more limited than on Fiverr. However, it’s an advantageous resource for employers who value the resilient work ethic that Filipinos are known for.

Why Choose Over Fiverr?

  • Payments are made directly from employer to freelancer. This assures freelancers of receiving full earnings for their labor.
  • is open to freelancers of varying skill levels, so you’re bound to find a job that suits you best.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook, Facebook Marketplace
Image from Facebook

Unlike the other aforementioned freelancing platforms, Facebook Marketplace functions a bit differently. Primarily, it serves as an online marketplace for people who want to sell old or unused items. It serves as a meeting point for both parties. In that way, freelancers can utilize Facebook Marketplace — or even just Facebook in general — as a way to market their skills and talents to any potential clients online.

How to Choose a Fiverr Alternative

Picking out a freelance platform that works best for you will rely on different factors that may affect your chances of acquiring a freelance project. Such factors include the following:

Your Skill Level

Some platforms, like Toptal, allow only a small percentage of applicants on their platform. There are platforms that perform a strict vetting process before allowing freelancers in.

On the other hand, there are other platforms that allow everyone regardless of their skill level on the platform. Determining your skill level can thus help you narrow down which freelance platform will complement your own skills and abilities.

Your Skill Set

Some platforms, like SEOClerks, are only open to very specific skill sets. As such, figuring out what your own strengths and weaknesses are can help determine your chances of landing a freelance gig on certain freelance websites.

Your Preferences

Your preferences can determine the direction of what your freelance career will take. Whereas some freelancers only want short-term gigs, others may prefer more long-term commitments. Specifying what types of jobs you’re on the hunt for can help tailor your freelancing experience more personally and accurately.

Your Country of Residence

There may be some freelance websites that only cater to clients and freelancers in certain regions. Take your region into account when it comes to applying for online freelance stints. Although the beauty of freelance and online work provides the convenience of working remotely, sometimes your location can restrict your availability for certain jobs.

Your Availability

Be sure you have the time and resources to pursue freelance jobs. Short-term listings are ideal if your freelancing career acts as more of an extra source of income. However, if freelancing is your main source of income, then you may be better off with freelance platforms that offer more long-term jobs.


It’s clear that Fiverr is no longer the only option when it comes to pursuing freelance assignments. There’s now a vast selection for freelancers to choose from. As more businesses take to the Internet, taking your work online — and thus being able to work remotely — can become extremely useful. The Internet is undoubtedly a valuable resource, so why not maximize it and make some money along the way?