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Watch Guide: Movies Like 365 Days

Are there other movies like 365 Days? The erotic film 365 Days may have had audiences divided when it first premiered, but it has since become a favorite among fans of the erotic film genre. Its premise was also regarded as controversial, given that the female lead was initially kidnapped and then wooed for over a year by her own kidnapper to make her fall for him. 

If you’re looking for a traditional romance story, this might not be the movie for you. However, if the film’s concept and raunchy scenes had you craving for more, there are a number of other films in the same genre. Here are the best of the bunch perfect for date night ideas or for your solo viewing pleasure. 


Top Movies Like 365 Days


Some might say that these are the movies that started it all. If you’re planning on watching all three movies in one sitting, make sure you’re doing so in order. Start with the 2015 movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, followed by Fifty Shades Darker, and end with Fifty Shades Freed. While BDSM has been touched on by other movies prior, Fifty Shades definitely helped bring it into the mainstream. Though the complicated, bordering on toxic, relationships between the leads have been controversial from the beginning, the story’s allure is undeniable. If you’re still thinking “What should I watch after 365 Days”, this is the movie for you.


Next on our list of movies like 365 Days is Addicted. The film follows Zoe, a woman whose life is seemingly perfect from the outside. However, she harbors a dark secret that threatens to derail her marriage and the life she has built for herself. After all, a sex addict will not be satisfied being with just one person. It’s a fragile existence for Zoe, but it does make for a very entertaining film!


If you couldn’t get enough of actor Jamie Dornan on Fifty Shades of Grey, then this next film will help with that. Though it is more of a romantic drama than a full-on erotic film, there are raunchy scenes to enjoy mixed with a relatively good story to boot. If you like sexy movies with a side of comedy, we highly recommend checking this one out.


What happens when an innocent girl falls for the school’s bad boy? Well, it’s a tale as old as time, and After does little to change things up. The story follows Tessa Young, a college freshman who finds herself caught between an old love and a newer, more exciting one. If you want movies like 365 Days that are a bit more on the tamer side, you might want to start this one. 


Many regard Blue Valentine as a masterpiece when it comes to both cinematography and storytelling. This dark and dramatic tale takes us through a couple’s highly volatile romance, from the sweet beginning to the bitter end. It may feel more like arthouse fare and may not be the first on people’s minds when it comes to movies similar to 365 Days, but there are plenty of steamy scenes that give it just enough spice.  Let’s not forget that it also starred two of Hollywood’s hottest actors, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.


In the 2015 film Love, we meet Murphy, an American currently residing in Paris. There he meets Electra and begins a sexual relationship with her. This seemingly innocent affair quickly becomes emotionally charged given Electra’s instability. The movie is known for its gritty depiction of the complicated between the two characters, as well as for the fact that some of its sex scenes are real. Director Gasper Noé confirmed as much during an interview, though he declined to specify which ones. 


The allure of the underground and what’s deemed taboo is hard to deny for many. The film Sex Dolls puts you right in the heart of things, in the world of high-class call girls in London. It centers on Amoureux Solitaires, who fills us in on all the sordid details of her time as a French escort in Virginie. Some viewers have described it as being similar to a fairytale– one that is R-rated given all the sex scenes and dark storylines it tackles. It certainly is one of the best movies like 365 Days without being too similar. 


Released back in 1986, Betty Blue is one of the most iconic and critically lauded movies in the erotic film genre. Based on Philippe Dijan’s novel of the same name, it was adapted for the screen by renowned director Jean-Jacques Beineix. It is equal parts romantic and psychological drama, as the female lead slowly descends to madness. Aside from the steamy scenes, its beautiful cinematography is just as captivating and relies on building a tempting atmosphere to draw viewers in. 


For viewers looking for some Sapphic representation in erotic films, the Canadian film Below Her Mouth certainly delivers. It follows two women, Jasmine and Dallas, and the whirlwind affair they eventually find themselves in. The chemistry between the two characters is palpable even from the get-go and the film doesn’t waste much time diving into things. While the storyline might feel too fast-paced for some, it has many tender moments between all the raunchy scenes. It might be a different take, but it definitely has its place among movies like 365 Days.


Don’t let the title fool you for this 2011 erotic drama film from Julia Leigh is anything but a saccharine fairytale. It stars Emily Browning as Lucy, a young university student who ends up accepting a high-paying escort job that caters to rich men. The premise seems straightforward enough, but there is one catch: Lucy has to take a sedative and must be asleep the whole time. There is no sex involved, but this mere act is supposed to fulfill the men’s unconscious fantasies. The concept is a bit strange, but give it a watch and you’ll find out why it deserves a spot on this list.


Lars Von Trier is known for his risque films and Nymphomaniac is no exception. It is the third installment in his “Depression Trilogy”, which includes the likes of Antichrist and Melancholia. The film is divided into two volumes, but the story centers on Joe who is a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac. She recounts all of her erotic encounters with a man who is helping her recover following an assault. We are shown her promiscuous lifestyle, starting from adolescence to adulthood. Some scenes can be quite violent so do watch this with caution.


Long gone are the days when most people thought of erotic films as nothing but gratuitous sex scenes, with hardly any substance plot-wise. In fact, Y Tu Mama Tambien is considered to be one of Alfonso Cuarón’s masterpieces, lending a degree of depth to the genre. The movie follows teenagers Julio and Tenoch, chronicling their adventurous summer spent with a much older woman. It has elements of a traditional road film, mixed with a coming-of-age storyline. While it gained notoriety for its sex scenes, there certainly is more to this movie than just that. It is a must-see classic for those looking for movies like 365 Days.


This romantic drama certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to raunchy scenes, but it’s the story that will really keep you watching. We’re sure many millennials would find their own experiences with social media and modern dating culture reflected in this movie. It takes us through all the mental and emotional toll that comes with hooking up and what a healthy open relationship looks like in the digital age. 


This coming-of-age romance film starring Timothee Chalamet took over social media by storm. Not only did it catapult its male lead into the Hollywood mainstream, it also had people wishing for their own Italian love story. The plot centers on Elio who falls in love with his father’s assistant, Oliver. From there, we are taken through their journey of self and sexual discovery, which eventually changes both of their lives forever. There are many steamy and suggestive scenes, all beautifully captured through rose-tinted lenses. A must-watch for its cinematic value.


If we’re discussing classics in the erotic film genre, Femme Fatale definitely deserves a mention. It stars Antonio Banders and Rebecca Romjin-Stamos and the film is as gritty and seductive as the name suggests. The plot follows professional thief Laura Ash, who betrays members of her syndicate and then finds herself in a case of identity switch. She uses her allure to make it past challenging situations, all while the story reveals more of her dark past. This dark tale of deception will be familiar to those looking for movies like 365 Days


There is a reason why Antonio Banderas was considered one of the hottest actors in Hollywood during his peak. He starred in both Femme Fatale and Original Sin, two of the most iconic films in the erotic thriller genre. Also starring Angelina Jolie, the film is based on the Cornell Woolrich novel Waltz Into Darkness. It follows Luis and Julia whose relationship quickly devolves from a desire to love and obsession. Though the film’s plot and gothic romance theme are more similar to Fifty Shades of Grey, it still is a must-watch for fans of films like 365 Days.


Take Your Pick from The Best Movies Like 365 Days Online!

From American classics to foreign favorites, there are many interesting movies in the erotic genre. Whether you’re looking for something lighthearted or equally dark and seductive movies like 365 Days, you’ll have plenty to choose from. The best bit is that many of these titles are available on various streaming platforms, allowing you easy access to them any time you want to indulge!

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