How To Watch Youtube Shorts As Normal Videos


What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a new feature on the popular video-sharing platform that allows users to create and watch short-form videos. These videos are typically 15 seconds or less in length and are designed to be quick and engaging. YouTube Shorts offers a unique, quick-paced viewing experience that is different from traditional longer videos on the platform.

With the rise in popularity of platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, YouTube recognized the demand for short-form video content and introduced Shorts to provide its users with a similar experience. The goal is to give creators an opportunity to express themselves in a concise and creative way, while also catering to the preferences of viewers who enjoy consuming bite-sized content.

YouTube Shorts allows users to record and upload videos directly from their mobile devices, providing a convenient and accessible way for anyone to participate in this new video format. Whether it’s capturing a funny moment, showcasing a talent, or sharing a short tutorial, YouTube Shorts offers a wide range of creative possibilities.

In addition to creating their own Shorts, users can also explore and watch an extensive collection of Shorts created by other YouTube creators. These videos are displayed in a vertical format, making it easy to swipe up and move from one video to another, creating a seamless viewing experience.

YouTube Shorts also encourages viewer engagement by offering features such as comments, likes, shares, and the ability to subscribe to a Shorts creator’s channel. This allows users to connect with the creators they enjoy and discover more of their content.

Overall, YouTube Shorts is an exciting addition to the platform, offering a new way for users to create and consume content. Whether you’re looking for a quick laugh, inspiration, or a way to showcase your creativity, YouTube Shorts provides a fresh and dynamic video experience. So, get ready to dive into the world of YouTube Shorts and start exploring the endless possibilities!

Why YouTube Shorts are different from normal videos?

YouTube Shorts stands out from normal videos on the platform due to its unique format and features. Here are a few reasons why YouTube Shorts are different:

  1. Bite-sized content: The main distinguishing factor of YouTube Shorts is its short-form nature. Unlike traditional videos on YouTube that can range from a few minutes to several hours, Shorts are typically 15 seconds or less. This condensed format makes them ideal for quick entertainment and scrolling through content on the go.
  2. Vertical video format: While normal videos on YouTube are usually in a horizontal format, Shorts are presented in a vertical format. This is optimized for mobile viewing, allowing users to easily swipe up and down between videos in a seamless manner, similar to other popular short-form video platforms.
  3. Instant creation: Creating Shorts is made easy by YouTube’s built-in camera feature. Users can capture, edit, and upload their Shorts directly from their mobile devices. This eliminates the need for complex video editing software and makes it accessible to anyone who wants to share their creativity or experiences in a quick and engaging way.
  4. Focus on creativity: YouTube Shorts encourages users to unleash their creativity in a limited timeframe. It challenges creators to tell a story or captivate their audience using concise visuals, brief dialogues, and catchy soundtracks. This unique creative aspect sets Shorts apart from longer, more elaborate videos that allow for in-depth storytelling and detailed content.
  5. Interactive features: Shorts offer various interactive features, such as the ability to leave comments, like, share, and subscribe to the creator’s channel directly within the Shorts interface. This enhances viewer engagement and allows for instant interaction with content creators, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Step 1: Open the YouTube app

To watch YouTube Shorts as normal videos, the first step is to open the YouTube app on your mobile device. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, the YouTube app is available for free in their respective app stores.

Once you have the YouTube app installed on your device, locate the app icon on your home screen or in your app drawer and tap on it to open the app.

Upon opening the app, you will be greeted with the YouTube home screen, which displays a variety of content from subscribed channels, recommendations, and trending videos. This is your starting point for navigating the YouTube app and accessing YouTube Shorts.

If you are not already signed in to your YouTube account, you will be prompted to do so. Sign in using your Google account credentials to have access to all the features and personalized recommendations on YouTube.

Once signed in, you will have full access to the YouTube app and can begin exploring and watching YouTube Shorts as normal videos.

If you do not have a YouTube account, you can still access YouTube Shorts, but you won’t have the ability to interact with content or subscribe to channels. However, you will still be able to enjoy watching Shorts as normal videos.

Remember, opening the YouTube app is just the first step. Next, we’ll explore how to search for and find YouTube Shorts that you can watch as normal videos.

Step 2: Start searching for YouTube Shorts

After opening the YouTube app, the next step is to start searching for YouTube Shorts. YouTube offers various methods to help you discover and find Shorts that suit your interests. Here’s how you can get started:

1. Tap on the search bar: At the top of the YouTube app, you will see a search bar. Tap on it to activate the search function.

2. Enter relevant keywords or hashtags: To find YouTube Shorts, enter keywords, phrases, or hashtags related to the type of content you are looking for. For example, if you want to watch funny Shorts, you can type in “funny Shorts.” The search results will display a mix of YouTube Shorts and normal videos matching your search query.

3. Explore the “Shorts” section: In the search results, you may notice a dedicated “Shorts” section that showcases specifically curated Shorts content. Tap on this section to filter the search results and focus solely on YouTube Shorts.

4. Scroll through the Shorts carousel: In the search results or in the Shorts section, you will find a carousel of thumbnail previews representing different Shorts. Swipe left or right to scroll through this carousel and browse through the available Shorts.

5. Utilize the “Sort by” filter: To further refine your search for YouTube Shorts, you can use the “Sort by” filter. This allows you to sort the Shorts based on relevance, view count, upload date, or other criteria. Use the filter option to tailor the search results based on your preferences.

By searching for YouTube Shorts using these techniques, you will be able to find a wide range of short videos that match your interests. This brings us to the next step, where we will narrow down your search and explore specific Shorts.

Step 3: Use the filter option

Once you have started searching for YouTube Shorts, the next step is to use the filter option to refine your search and find exactly what you’re looking for. YouTube provides a variety of filters that can help narrow down the search results and cater to your preferences. Here’s how to use the filter option:

1. Tap on the filter icon: In the search results or in the “Shorts” section, you will see a filter icon at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on this icon to activate the filtering options.

2. Select filter criteria: After tapping on the filter icon, you will be presented with a menu of filter criteria. Here are some of the most commonly used filters:

  • Upload date: This filter allows you to sort the Shorts based on their upload date. You can choose to display the most recent Shorts or set a specific time range.
  • Duration: YouTube Shorts can range from a few seconds to the maximum limit of 15 seconds. You can use this filter to specify the duration range you prefer.
  • Popularity: This filter sorts the Shorts based on their popularity, considering factors such as view count, likes, and shares. You can choose to display the most popular Shorts or sort them in ascending or descending order.
  • Category: YouTube allows creators to categorize their Shorts under topics such as comedy, music, sports, or fashion. You can select a specific category to find Shorts that align with your interests.

3. Apply the filters: Once you have selected the desired filter criteria, tap the “Apply” button to apply the filters to the search results. The search results will be updated accordingly, displaying only the Shorts that meet the selected criteria.

Using the filter option allows you to customize your search and find YouTube Shorts that align with your preferences. It ensures that you can discover Shorts that are relevant, recent, and popular.

Now that you have applied the filters and narrowed down your search, the next step is to select a YouTube Short and watch it as a normal video. Let’s proceed to the next step for further instructions.

Step 4: Narrow down your search

After using the filter option to refine your search for YouTube Shorts, the next step is to further narrow down your search results to find the specific Shorts you wish to watch. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your search:

1. Read video titles and descriptions: Take a closer look at the titles and descriptions of the Shorts in the search results. This will give you a better idea of what each Short is about and whether it aligns with your interests. Look for keywords or phrases that resonate with you.

2. Consider the channel or creator: Pay attention to the channel or creator of the Shorts. If you already have favorite YouTube creators, look for their Shorts in the search results. You can also explore Shorts from new channels or creators to discover fresh and exciting content.

3. Check video thumbnails: Video thumbnails provide a visual preview of the Shorts. Look for thumbnails that catch your attention or indicate the type of content you enjoy. Colorful, intriguing, or visually appealing thumbnails may indicate interesting Shorts to watch.

4. Read user comments and engagement: Take a moment to read the user comments and engagement on the Shorts. This will give you insights into the viewer reactions and experiences. Look for Shorts that have positive feedback or resonate with other users.

5. Utilize related videos and recommendations: YouTube provides related videos and recommendations based on your search history, viewing habits, and preferences. Take advantage of these suggestions to discover Shorts that are related to the content you enjoy.

6. Experiment with different search queries: If you’re not finding the exact Shorts you’re looking for, try experimenting with different search queries. Use different keywords, phrases, or even hashtags to discover new Shorts that may cater to your specific interests.

By narrowing down your search and considering these tips, you’ll be able to find the YouTube Shorts that best match your preferences and ensure an enjoyable viewing experience.

Now that you have successfully narrowed down your search, it’s time to move on to the next step and select a YouTube Short to watch as a normal video.

Step 5: Select a YouTube Short

Now that you have narrowed down your search for YouTube Shorts, it’s time to select a Short that catches your interest and watch it as a normal video. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Tap on the Short: In the search results or in the Shorts section, browse through the Shorts until you find one that intrigues you. When you find a Short you want to watch, simply tap on it to open the video.

2. Read the title and description: Before diving into the video, take a moment to read the title and description. This will provide additional context about the Short and its content. It may also help you determine if it’s what you were looking for.

3. Preview the Short: Many Shorts have a preview or thumbnail that offers a glimpse into the video. Pay attention to this visual preview as it can give you a sense of the content, style, and overall appeal of the Short.

4. Tap the play button: When you’re ready to watch the Short, tap the play button in the center of the screen. The video will start playing, and you can enjoy it just like any other YouTube video.

5. Watch the Short as a normal video: As you watch the Short, you can view it as a normal video with all the usual playback controls. You can pause, play, rewind, and fast-forward the Short to ensure you don’t miss any details or moments you want to savor.

6. Engage with the video: While watching the Short, you have the ability to engage with it. You can leave a comment, like the video, share it with others, or even add it to a playlist. Take advantage of these interactive features to show your support and connect with the creator.

7. Swipe up for more Shorts: Once you finish watching a Short, you can swipe up on the screen to move to the next Short in the carousel or explore related Shorts. This allows you to continue enjoying a seamless and engaging Shorts viewing experience.

By selecting a YouTube Short and watching it as a normal video, you can fully immerse yourself in the short-form content and appreciate the creativity and entertainment that Shorts have to offer.

Now that you know how to select and watch YouTube Shorts as normal videos, it’s time to explore the next step, which involves interacting with the Shorts you watch.

Step 6: Watch the YouTube Short as a normal video

After selecting a YouTube Short, you can now watch it as a normal video, just like any other video on YouTube. Here’s how to watch the YouTube Short as a normal video:

1. Play the Short: Tap the play button in the center of the screen to start playing the YouTube Short. The Short will begin playing, and you can enjoy it in its entirety.

2. Utilize the playback controls: While watching the Short, you have access to various playback controls. You can pause the video by tapping the pause button, and resume playback by tapping the play button. The timeline bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to scrub through the video to jump to a specific point.

3. Adjust the volume: If you need to adjust the volume of the YouTube Short, use the volume control buttons on your device or the volume slider within the YouTube app. This allows you to set the sound at your preferred level.

4. Fullscreen mode: To enhance your viewing experience, you can switch to fullscreen mode. Tap the fullscreen icon on the video player, typically located in the bottom right corner, to expand the video to fullscreen. This will provide a more immersive experience, especially for visually-driven Shorts.

5. Engage with the Short: As you watch the YouTube Short, you can engage with it by leaving a comment, liking the video, or even sharing it with others. Interacting with the Short can help show your appreciation for the content and connect with the creator and fellow viewers.

6. Close the video: Once you have finished watching the YouTube Short, you can close the video by tapping the “X” or “Back” button, typically located in the upper-left or upper-right corner of the video player. This will bring you back to the videos list or the previous screen.

By watching the YouTube Short as a normal video, you can fully immerse yourself in the content, appreciate the creativity and storytelling, and engage with the video and its community of viewers and creators.

Now that you know how to watch a YouTube Short as a normal video, you can proceed to the next step, which involves interacting with the Short and its creator.

Step 7: Interact with the YouTube Short

Interacting with the YouTube Short you’ve watched can be a great way to show your support, express your thoughts, and connect with the creator and other viewers. Here’s how you can engage with the YouTube Short:

1. Leave a comment: Share your thoughts, feedback, or appreciation for the YouTube Short by leaving a comment. Tap on the comment section below the video, type your comment, and then tap the “Post” or “Send” button to submit it. Engaging in the comments section allows you to interact with other viewers and the creator.

2. Like the video: Show your support for the YouTube Short by tapping the thumbs-up button, typically located below the video. Liking the video is a simple way to express your enjoyment and support for the content and the creator.

3. Share the Short: If you find the YouTube Short interesting or entertaining, you can share it with others. Tap the share button, usually represented by an arrow pointing upward, and choose the platform or method through which you want to share the Short. This can be via social media, messaging apps, or simply copying the Short’s link to share it elsewhere.

4. Add the Short to a playlist: If you want to save the YouTube Short for later or create a curated collection of your favorite Shorts, you can add it to a playlist. Tap the “Add to playlist” button or similar option and select the playlist where you want to save the Short. This allows you to organize and revisit the Short easily.

5. Subscribe to the creator’s channel: If you enjoyed the YouTube Short and want to see more content from the creator, consider subscribing to their channel. This way, you’ll be notified whenever they upload new Shorts or videos. Look for the “Subscribe” button below the video and tap it to subscribe to the creator’s channel.

Engaging with the YouTube Short and its creator creates a sense of community and connection within the YouTube platform. It allows you to connect with like-minded viewers, express your appreciation, and support the creator in their content creation journey.

Now that you know how to interact with the YouTube Short, you can proceed to the final step, which involves subscribing to YouTube Shorts channels to discover more Shorts in the future.

Step 8: Subscribe to the YouTube Shorts channel

Subscribing to a YouTube Shorts channel is a great way to stay updated and discover more Shorts in the future. By subscribing, you’ll receive notifications whenever the channel uploads new Shorts, allowing you to keep up with your favorite creators and explore fresh content. Here’s how you can subscribe to a YouTube Shorts channel:

1. Go to the creator’s channel: After watching a YouTube Short that you enjoyed, tap on the creator’s name or channel name below the video. This will take you to the creator’s channel page.

2. Tap the Subscribe button: On the channel page, look for the “Subscribe” button, which is typically located under the channel name and icon. Tap the “Subscribe” button to subscribe to the channel.

3. Adjust notification preferences (optional): After subscribing, you can customize your notification preferences. This allows you to choose the types of notifications you want to receive from the channel, such as all uploads, occasional notifications, or no notifications at all. You can modify these settings by tapping the bell icon next to the “Subscribe” button and selecting your preferred notification option.

4. Access subscribed channels: To access your subscribed channels, go to the YouTube app’s home screen and tap on the “Subscriptions” tab. This will display a list of all the channels you’ve subscribed to, including those that create YouTube Shorts.

5. Discover more Shorts: Once you’ve subscribed to a YouTube Shorts channel, you’ll receive notifications whenever new Shorts are uploaded. Explore the Shorts as they appear in your subscription feed to discover more content from the creators you enjoy.

By subscribing to YouTube Shorts channels, you ensure that you don’t miss any new Shorts and can continue to enjoy short-form content from your favorite creators.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to watch YouTube Shorts as normal videos and how to interact with them. Now you can dive into the world of YouTube Shorts and explore a wide variety of engaging and creative short-form content. Enjoy the Shorts, engage with the community, and discover the talented creators who make YouTube Shorts so exciting!