100 Things to Draw When You Have a Creative Block

What to Draw When Bored

Looking for things to draw when you have a creative block? Well, we’ve got your back. Even the most experienced artists can have days when ideas run dry. We’re sure you’re familiar with the frustration that comes with wanting to use your creativity, but have no means of transferring it to paper. The best thing about this is that inspiration can be found everywhere, you just need to kick start things.


How to Overcome Creative Block

A creative block can affect people in different ways. You can experience it while trying to write a story or even while learning how to draw anime. However, instead of berating yourself for it perhaps it’s time you stepped out of the box—literally. Here are some tips you can try whenever you feel fatigued and uninspired toward your art.

Change of Scene

It’s easy to start feeling stuck and end up staring at your blank sketchbook or canvas as you wait for inspiration to come. However, going outside can help stimulate ideas and your imagination. Go for a short walk or head to a café. Not only will you feel better, but the change of scene might also be the push you need.

Try Other Creative Activities

If finding things to draw is proving to be difficult, why not pause and try out other styles instead? Learning how to scrapbook is a great option. It doesn’t require a lot of tools and you can let your imagination run wild.

Broaden Your Community

You’ll find quite a big network of creatives online and tapping into this resource can help ideas bloom. You’ll find them on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, both of which have a thriving community of artists! You can even join trending art challenges such as drawing someone else’s art in your own style.

Watch Online Tutorials

Sometimes, a creative block happens when you no longer feel any challenge in what you’re doing. To help with that, try watching tutorials on YouTube. Many artists get excited or inspired to start sketching whenever they learn a new technique.

Don’t Fight It!

Sure, there are all sorts of things you can do to help “break” your creative block but it won’t always work. In times like that, even experts suggest simply walking away and trying again later. The thing with “fighting” it, is that you’ll end up drained of energy and much more frustrated than when you first started.


Don’t think you’re a bad artist by not doing anything about it. Even the best have learned to just take a nap or focus on something else until the ideas come back. Remember that a creative block doesn’t mean you have failed!


Easy Things to Draw

Easy Drawings of Trees
Image by aalmeidah from Pixabay

Whether you’re looking to curb your boredom or simply want to keep sketching and get your creative juices flowing, there’s plenty of easy drawings to choose from. These are drawings that only require the most basic technique, which is great for beginners and even kids who are slowly developing this particular hobby. Here are some that you can try.


1. Trees

Nature drawings are always a good start if you’ve run out of ideas or are experiencing a creative block. You know exactly what they look like and as such, they can be easily drawn from scratch. How to draw trees? Check out the video above.


2. Clouds

Clouds are very easy things to draw and will provide you with plenty of variety as well. From thick and fluffy to thin and wispy, you’ll have lots of fun drawing them.


3. The Sun or Moon

There are many different ways to interpret these heavenly bodies so they’re a great way to exercise your imagination.


4. Abstract Shapes

If you want easy things to draw, abstract shapes are your best bet. Even with the simplest of shapes, you would be able to create something beautiful. It’s not too surprising that they are also one of the best things to draw for beginners!


5. Patterns

You can easily fill a page of your sketchbook by simply drawing patterns. These are some of the most fun things to draw because it doesn’t require much thinking. Change up the colors or mix different patterns together, you can’t go wrong here!


6. Different Leaf Shapes

The shapes are easy enough to recreate. However, the real fun begins when you start adding more detail and color to each one.

7. Perfume or Soda Bottles

These have interesting shapes and designs that are easy to sketch on paper. Go as simple or as complex as you want!


8. Furniture Pieces

Sometimes, the best things to draw can be found in the most mundane of places. This exercise should help hone your attention to detail.


9. One Line Art

These are some of the easiest things to draw for beginners because not much detail is needed. The challenge, however, is how to complete a drawing using only one line!


10. Different Types of Heart Shapes

For basic shapes such as hearts, you have the opportunity to really stretch your imagination. How many different ways can you draw it? Well, the only limit is your creativity!



Cartoon Things to Draw

The Simpsons Drawings
Image from Fox.com

From easy drawings, let’s try something a bit more challenging. Drawing cartoons is a fun way to pass the time and it’ll help you improve as an artist as well. Here are some that you can try!


11. The Simpsons

The characters from this show are not only memorable, they are also pretty easy to sketch. The Simpsons drawings are composed of basic shapes, it’s the colors that add dimension. 


12. The Powerpuff Girls

These characters are the best references for easy girl drawings. You can even play around with their design and give it your own touch.


13. Jack Skellington

Looking for easy Halloween drawings? Give good old Jack a try.  You don’t even need to draw lines perfectly as small mess-ups will add to his overall creepy appearance.


14. Sesame Street Characters

For cute things to draw, the Sesame Street characters are your best bet. You may use the best cartoon making software to speed up the process of creating a new project.


15. Phineas and Ferb

There’s 104 days of summer vacation so why not make the most of it by filling up your sketchbook? You might even end up with something unique and new, just like these two!


16. Family Guy Characters

They may not look like simple things to draw, but these characters will provide you with enough challenge to avoid boredom. Try capturing Stewie’s hilarious expressions!


17. Emojis

When it comes to easy things to sketch, emojis are a favorite for many. Their design will help you practice how to recreate expressions on paper.


18. Looney Tunes Characters

If you want a bit more challenge, try characters such as Tweety Bird or Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes. Like emojis, you can play around with their expressions as well.


19. Sanrio Characters

With the sheer number of different Sanrio characters, you can easily spend an entire day recreating these kawaii drawings.


20. Christmas Characters

Christmas drawings are a fun way to get into the spirit of the holidays. The best bit? You can turn these into presents or cards to give to your loved ones.



Easy Flower Drawings

Easy Flower Drawings
Image by Martina Bulková from Pixabay

There are many things in nature that you can draw, but flowers are some of the most diverse. If you want to learn how to draw flowers, here are a few examples you can try.


21. Hibiscuses 

For fun things to draw, try the hibiscuses. They have an interesting shape and coloring them can be plenty of fun.


22. Roses

Roses are classic flower drawings that are great for both beginner and intermediate artists. For this one, we have something that’s in the middle when it comes to difficulty.


23. Tulips

These are similar to rosebuds in shape but tend to be a bit easier when it comes to details. We suggest letting your creativity flow when coloring them in!


24. Lilies

Lilies are loved for their simplicity. For artists, they can provide both inspiration and a challenge, especially if you’re trying to finesse your line work. 


25. Abstract Floral

If you’re tired of the usual pen or pencil sketch and want cool things to draw, give this abstract floral technique a try. All you need is some paint and string!


26. Daisies

Daisies are pretty basic in shape, but you can make it even more eye-catching by adding extra details. Shadows and texture can create a world of difference!


27. Poppies

Poppies may seem like difficult things to draw, but this isn’t the case. With just a few basic shapes and some simple techniques, you’ll be able to draw a realistic one.


28. Lotuses

If there are flower drawings that even beginners can manage, it would be the lotus. The challenge is how to get everything symmetrical, but this is manageable with enough practice. 


29. Floral Wreath 

Floral wreaths can be used to decorate cards or your bullet journal. They might seem difficult, but they are very simple flower drawings you can try. 


30. Cherry Blossoms

There are many different ways of drawing cherry blossoms and it all depends on the tool you use. From close-ups of the flower to recreating the silhouette of a branch, you’ll have plenty of fun trying each one out. 



Landscape Things to Draw

Easy Landscape Drawings
Image by plonk66 from Pixabay

From mountain views to flower-lined streets, you’ll find many things to draw when bored if you look around you. Give these ones a try!


31. Beach Scenery

Beach scenes can easily change depending on the hour. Why not draw one for sunrise, sunset, and night? It’ll certainly stimulate your imagination.


32. Night Sky

What could be more romantic than the night sky? You can easily recreate this on paper using a few simple techniques and only a handful of colors. It is one of the best things to draw for beginners.


33. Sunset in the Hills

If you’re keen on playing around with colors, one of the most fun things to draw is a sunset. Try a simple sketch to start with.


34. Moonlit Sky

Nature drawings don’t always have to follow strict rules, especially when it comes to color.  Give it a try and find the color combination that speaks to you the most.


35. Birds and Sky Scenery

In this example, you get to play with silhouettes again. This is a great alternative if you’re not interested in adding too much detail to your work. It is also one of the easier things to sketch for beginners.


36. Cityscape or Street Scene

From natural landscapes, we move to more urban views. To really recreate a street scene, learning about perspective is key. 


37. Streetlight Scenery

The warm glow of streetlights sure is pretty. You can add more life to your cityscape by including it in the scene. You might be surprised by how it’s one of the easier things to draw.


38. Power Lines

Power lines are a common subject for many urban landscapes. You can make it more artistic by using light, shadow, and color. 


39. Mountains 

How to draw a mountain? There are many different ways. You can make it as realistic as possible or make it a bit more 2D. You’ll be able to use light and shadow to create depth in your sketch.  


40. Mountain View

Why not add a bit more detail to your simple sketch of mountains? By adding color or changing your medium, you can create something even more magical.



Drawing Anime Characters

Screen Shot from Demon Slayer Anime

There’s a reason why manga and anime are beloved worldwide. The art style is eye-catching and can be recreated in different ways. Why not add your own touch to these popular characters?


41. Demon Slayer Nezuko Drawings

Anime drawings can be a lot of fun once you have the basics down. Nezuko is one of the most popular Demon Slayer characters so this should make her fun to draw.


42. My Hero Academia Uraraka Drawings

Anime girl drawings aren’t always the easiest, but there are some characters that do have basic designs that even beginners can try. Why not try recreating Uraraka in your sketchbook by following a simple guide?


43. Doraemon and Friends

Don’t underestimate the fact that he’s made up of simple shapes! Learning how to draw Doraemon can be a fun challenge, even for more advanced artists.  


44. Pokemon Charizard Drawings

Pikachu drawings are adorable, but perhaps a bit too overused. For something more detailed, why not try Charizard instead? You can even sketch all of their evolutions to keep yourself from getting bored.


45. BT21 Drawings

While not anime drawings per se, the BT21 characters are just as colorful and adorable. Fans of the Kpop boy group BTS, and its members Jungkook, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Taehyung, and Jimin, will surely get a kick out of drawing these little aliens!  


46. Crayon Shin-chan Drawings

Whether you’re learning how to draw manga or simply want easy anime things to draw, Shin-chan is always a great subject. Their basic shape never changes, but you can play with their expressions a lot!


47. Naruto Drawings

For cool things to draw, you can’t go wrong with this anime. You can try a more realistic sketch or opt for something cuter, like their chibi versions.


48. Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Satoru Drawings

If you often have trouble learning how to draw anime eyes, then this character is a must-try. You won’t have to worry about that detail because Gojo Satoru has his eyes covered!


49. Anpanman Drawings

Adults aren’t the only ones with sketchbooks. If you want fun things to draw for kids, try this popular anime superhero. You might even want to watch anime online after!


50. One Piece Drawings

Fans of this anime will love the fact that Monkey D. Luffy is one of the easiest things to draw. His distinct appearance can be easily recreated, just make sure you don’t forget his signature straw hat!



Disney Things to Draw

The Little Mermaid Drawings
Image from Princess.Disney.com

From beautiful Disney princesses to their beloved mascots, there’s plenty of artistic inspiration to be found in their collection of characters. Here are some Disney drawings to get you started!


51. Ariel from The Little Mermaid

As one of the most popular Disney princesses, Ariel is a favorite among artists. You can even give her a more realistic touch or draw her in your own style.


52. Simba from the Lion King

Before he became a fearsome king, Simba was once an adorable little lion cub. You can practice how to draw expressions by recreating this piece in your sketchbook.


53. Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

She is one of the cutest girl drawings you’ll ever try! You might be surprised at how easy it is to sketch this feisty little pixie, even with all the details involved in her design.


54. Winnie The Pooh

His round, honey-filled belly and fluffy ears are more than enough reason to learn how to draw Winnie the Pooh. His simple design makes him one of the easiest things to draw for kids as well.


55. Cruella De Vil

Who is your favorite Disney villain? With the recent release of the Cruella film, which stars Emma Stone, we’re sure many began to appreciate this character more. Though not as beautiful, the animated version is one of the more challenging Disney drawings you can try.


56. Mickey Mouse 

There are many different ways to draw Mickey Mouse. From the original 2D style to something more contemporary, such as the one shown here. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can even add the rest of his body!


57. Rapunzel from Tangled

How to draw Rapunzel? The focus is mostly on her big expressive eyes and cute button nose! Of course, her hair is just as much of a character as she is so make sure you get the details as well.


58. Stitch from Lilo and Stitch

Because his features are exaggerated and come in basic shapes, Stitch is one of the easier things to draw for kids. For beginners when it comes to cartoon drawings, he is also a great subject to practice with.


59. Queen Elsa from Frozen

This one requires more advanced techniques to accomplish, but practice makes perfect. If you’re experiencing a creative block, a challenge that will bring you out of your comfort zone might help!


60. Donald Duck

As one of Disney’s classic characters, learning how to draw Donald Duck is a must. It helps that many of Disney classics are some of the most fun things to draw. They are expressive and you can play around with their design a lot too! 



Still-Life Things to Draw

Easy Drawings of Fruits
Image by Silvia Gaudenzi from Pixabay

Drawing things doesn’t always have to include people or beautiful landscapes. Some of the best pieces of art may include inanimate objects such as fruits and even vases. Here are some interesting things to draw that you can find at home!


61. Vase of Flowers

Flower drawings are always interesting to try. This time, adding another element provides more challenge and will keep things from getting dull.


62. Potted Plants

How to draw plants? You can go realistic or a bit cartoony, it all depends on your preference. The best bit is that you can easily find a reference in your home and outdoors.


63. Cupcakes and other Desserts

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, you’ll certainly like this one. Many cupcakes and other desserts are decorative in nature, which makes them the perfect subjects for art.


64. Automobiles

Whether you’re looking at a real car or a scale model of one, these are among the most enjoyable things to draw when bored. They provide ample detail and come in all sorts of styles.


65. Houses and Buildings

To be specific, you can spend hours capturing the details of their façade in your sketchbook. Take a walk around your neighborhood, you might find many interesting examples for architectural drawings.


66. Doors and Passageways

If a whole façade seems too daunting for you, then start small. You might find many details that you have previously overlooked once you observe things with an artistic eye.


67. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit drawings are popular for still-life because they can be really challenging to do. What better way to get your brain into creative mode than to give it something new?


68. Clothes

You need not be a clothing designer to give this one a try! There are many different ways you can draw clothing, after all.


69. Crystals

Aside from using crystals to infuse your space with good energy, you can also use them as art subjects. Just make sure you know how to cleanse crystals properly when you’re done.


70. Jewelry and other Accessories

If you want to challenge yourself when it comes to details, learning how to draw jewelry is a great start. They may not be easy things to draw, but it will keep you occupied for hours.



Animal Drawings for Beginners

Realistic Animal Drawings
Image by Jim Cooper from Pixabay

What to draw when you’ve run out of ideas? We’ve shown you how inspiring nature can be, but why not take things a step further? Here are some simple things to draw for animal lovers.


71. Lion Drawings

Let’s start with the King of the Jungle. You’ve tried drawing cartoons before so why not attempt a bit of realism this time?


72. Squirrel Drawings

When it comes to simple things to draw, squirrels are usually among the easiest. You can choose to go for a more cartoonish style, depending on your preference.


73. Deer Drawings

How to draw a deer? It is simpler than you think, but you can make it challenging by adding more details. Perhaps more color or realistic fur? The only limit is your imagination.


74. Cat Drawings

Most of us would know how to draw the basic shape of a cat. What about making one that’s a bit more realistic? It’s all in the anatomy of your drawing. 


75. Butterfly Drawings

The butterfly is another colorful insect that you can add to your things to draw. You can make their wings appear realistic or stretch your imagination to create a unique design instead. In our example, the artist used Mandala drawings to fill the butterfly’s wings.


76. Fish Drawings

If you’re looking for animal drawings for kids, fishes are always a great choice. Their shape is easy for them to copy and coloring their scales will provide plenty of enjoyment.


77. Bear Drawings

Drawings of bears tend to be very cartoonish so choosing to go a more realistic route will be a refreshing break. It should also help you finesse your eye for smaller details.


78. Octopus Drawings

Octopuses are some of the most beautiful animals on Earth. Like other animal drawings, their depictions tend to be cartoonish so challenging a more detailed version should help get your creativity going.


79. Bird Drawings

Want more challenging things to draw? Realistic bird drawings will require advanced techniques. Getting it right might take some practice, but it’s certainly worth trying.


80. Ladybug Drawings

There are so many colorful insects that would be fun to draw, but ladybugs are the best drawings for beginners. By adding color and other fine details, you can create something really beautiful.




Drawings of People

Drawings of People
Image by Ina Hall from Pixabay

Last but not the least, you also have people as art subjects. There are many different ways to incorporate the human form into your art, whether it be through portraits or silhouettes. Just look at those around you with a creative eye and you’ll never run out of things to draw.


81. Face Drawings

How to draw portraits? Proportion is important. Before you dive into freestyle sketching, why not try to learn an effective method for making guidelines?


82. Cute Girl Drawing

Portraits can come in a variety of different styles. For this example, you can create one that’s between anime and realism depending on the amount of detail there is. 


83. Girl With Long Hair Drawing

Did you know that apart from facial features, drawing realistic hair is one of the most difficult things to do? Keep drawing it so you can practice your technique.


84. Drawing Human Bodies

If you want to add more realism to your work, learning about how to properly draw the human anatomy is essential. In fact, some artists will tell you that this is one of the first things to draw when you’re a beginner.


85. Romantic Drawings

For a more unique take on couple portraits, don’t do the obvious and have the viewer use their imagination instead. This example shows how that can be done to great effect.


86. Silhouette Drawings

For those who are not too great at copying details, you can start tracing shapes instead. Silhouette drawings will help beginners become more familiar with the different elements involved as well.


87. Drawing Realistic Men

Once you’re familiar with drawing male anime characters, going semi-realistic should be an easy transition for you. It’s all in the finer details, such as their hair, and adding more depth to your portrait. Not the easiest thing to draw for beginners, but it’s good for practice.


88. Baby Drawings

This time, let’s try cute things to draw. As a fun exercise, why not draw your friends as cartoon babies instead of the usual realistic portrait?


89. Holding Hands Drawing

Sometimes, less is more. For example, you can draw holding hands and still be able to send the message clearly. It is often the simple things to draw that also have the most impact.


90. Couple Embracing Drawing

Artists will always want to push themselves so here’s a fun challenge for you to try. From shading to detailed line work, this is one of the best things to draw when bored.



Calligraphy Drawings 

Can you create art out of letters? Of course! Calligraphy drawings are a fun new way of using art techniques to bring words to life. You’d be amazed at all the cool things to draw once you get the hang of it. Try these examples for yourself!


91. 3D Floating Letters

How do you make 2D objects appear 3D? Well, this amazing drawing technique will show you how. You can even apply it to your other drawings as well.


92. Calligraphy and Flower Doodles

This next example mixes two different styles of art in one. Whether you’re putting together greeting cards or adding to your scrapbook ideas, this one is worth a try.


93. Graffiti Drawings

The fun thing about graffiti is how it mixes cartoon drawings and lettering in one. It will really stretch your imagination when trying to come up with new designs.


94. 3D Bubble Letters

Here are more fun cartoon things to draw! You can easily add more texture to your character drawings by incorporating text in it. It’s all about finding creative ways of adding it to your work.


95. Watercolor Calligraphy Drawing

For this one, you’ll need the best fountain pen and ink. This is so you can avoid bleeding and ruining the watercolor background you have created. 


96. Calligraphy Pen Drawings

Since we’re on the topic of calligraphy tools, did you know that there’s a lot you can do with a good old-fashioned fountain pen? From patterns to unique shapes, here are some examples by artist Seb Lester.


97. Famous Brand Logos

They may look simple but plenty of thought goes into famous brand logos. Have you seen drawings of the Starbucks logo before? The siren is very popular and so are the examples shown above!


98. Names in One-Point Perspective

Remember the technique you used for drawing a street scene? You can also apply that for drawing someone’s name. It’s an interesting take on calligraphy that is also one of the most fun things to draw.


99. Turning Names into Cartoons

How do you turn simple lettering into cartoons? With just a bit of creativity, you can do this as well. We suggest letting your imagination free instead of planning your drawing ahead of time. Mistakes are part of the fun!


100. Draw Pictures Using Numbers

Here’s a fun drawing exercise you can do when you’ve run out of ideas. What do you see when you look at the number eight? A snowman? A bird? Let your creativity flow and you might be surprised at what you end up with!



The Best Things to Draw are Often Unplanned

Instead of thinking too hard about your next piece, just pick up your pencil or medium of choice and start sketching. Even if the ideas don’t come instantly, the process of getting there will certainly be fun. If you’re still at a loss for ideas, just give any of our examples a try! Remember that when it comes to art, the goal isn’t perfect. All you need to do is create.