How Paris Hilton Became the Unlikely Queen of Crypto

In the early 2000s, there was not one piece of media where Paris Hilton’s name wouldn’t show up, making our heads spin at the sheer luxury that comes from being a Hilton heir. While most of us may be familiar with Hilton as a socialite and, more famously, a reality TV star, she has made several successful ventures in unexpected industries that have shattered any preconceptions about her. After all, no one would’ve guessed that Paris Hilton would go from the queen of TV to the queen of crypto.

Paris Hilton’s Journey to Becoming the Queen of Crypto

Nowadays, crypto news is no longer considered to be a niche subject, as they draw in everyone, regardless of their immersion in the cryptocurrency space. Whether it’s market trends or latest NFT projects, beginners and pros alike follow the progression of these digital assets. So, to the mainstream reader, it won’t come as a surprise to find out that Paris Hilton is such a big figure in the industry, but for those who aren’t as well versed, we’ll start at the beginning of her journey.


Hilton has always been considered to be a trendsetter not just when it comes to fashion and reality TV, but also when it comes to technology. She was one of the first celebrities to fully realize the power of social media and has used it in an extremely efficient way to market herself and her ventures accordingly. Those unaware of this fact will probably still have her blonde bimbo persona in mind, however, as can be seen in her documentary there is so much more to her than just her looks and her family wealth.


It’s a powerful lesson for all of us to not judge a book by its cover, and Paris has been judged heavily. Luckily, Hilton has used the preconceived notions to her advantage, by letting people dismiss her as a typical airhead heiress, she let people underestimate her. This has let her pave her own path as a businesswoman, and with a keen eye, she invested in crypto far before most of us even knew what crypto was.


Sometime around 2016 she invested in Ether after befriending the founders and has not stopped believing in crypto since. While the market is considered volatile, with multiple crashes happening to due a myriad of reasons, as per CNBC, she has openly stated she believes it will rise again. And as crypto’s short, albeit rich, history suggests – she is most likely correct.


Of course, being the innovator that she is, she didn’t stop at simply investing in crypto. She has delved further into the realm of Web3 and has also bet on NFTs, non-fungible tokens. She has also made a big splash in the Metaverse, which we’ll discuss further down below.


Paris Hilton and NFTs

Hilton has openly proclaimed her belief that NFTs are certainly going to be part of our future, showing it not only by purchasing them but also by creating them. But first, let’s discuss what exactly NFTs are. Non-fungible tokens are completely unique digital assets, something akin to one-of-a-kind digital art that cannot be replicated and can only be owned by one person.


Purchasing NFTs is not much different than purchasing a painting, with some of them costing petty cash and others being almost priceless. Hilton’s first venture with selling NFTs began rather humbly, with an iPad drawing of her cat Munchkin in 2020. This has quickly evolved to her launching an NFT collection in collaboration with Blake Kathryn titled Planet Paris.


Her next major release was with Dayzee an autobiographical NFT collection titled Paris: Past Lives, New Beginnings. However, Hilton has not limited herself by only launching NFTs but is also an advocate for women in the sphere. Her collection, Empowered By Paris: Empowered Women Empower Women Exhibition, features 163 NFTs that reflect she is not just there to talk about supporting women but actually does it via her actions. 


As it stands, unfortunately, the Web3 world is still very much a male-centered world, but Hilton is certainly working hard to prove women have a place here just as much as they do everywhere else. A worthy cause we can all certainly get behind. It is a great way to not only empower current artists but also to ensure younger girls have role models to look for inspiration and knowledge that there is a space for them in the NFT world should they want it.


Albeit there have been some controversies, ultimately, Hilton’s belief in NFTs can certainly only make the industry stronger. With more celebrities becoming investors it has led to a certain NFT frenzy around the world with regular people having more control over the art purchased and their finances in turn. It’s clear that NFTs have the potential to revolutionize not only the art world but also other industries like gaming and fashion, and it’s clear that Hilton is well aware of her headstart from being one of the first ones who dipped their toes in this world.


Hilton’s Vision for the Metaverse

For those who are not quite sure what the metaverse is, simply put, it’s a digital realm where users can interact with each other and the world created. In the metaverse users can create avatars, shop, and do everything you would think is possible in a simulation game but far vaster and more complex. As a forward-thinker, this new potential for the future of digital social interactions is certainly an exquisite path filled with prospects.


Her first venture in the Metaverse was with the launch of Paris World, located on the popular gaming platform Roblox. Originally, Hilton planned for it to be a place where she could DJ, another love of hers, and simply have users hang out in the world. This has progressed with her even hosting a major metaverse party in Paris World.


Her next venture was recently announced, Slivingland, also on Roblox. And to celebrate its release, Hilton is planning to DJ and host a party in Slivingland, at this moment no further details are available but expected to be released soon. This new world is once again meant to blur the lines between the real and the digital, with users having the ability to discover the world, shop and collect items, along with party with friends.



It’s clear that Paris Hilton is a remarkable woman who has made strides in the Web3 world and is set to make even more waves. While some might argue that she has had everything handed to her, thanks to her being a Hilton heir, it is what she has done with that wealth and power that we are looking at. After all, she could have easily lived the rest of her life without lifting a finger but instead she has made remarkable strides not only for herself but also for the women who want a place at the table of the crypto world.