Paris Hilton Opens Up About Online Trolling Of Her Son’s Large Head


Paris Hilton, the well-known socialite and reality TV star, recently spoke out about the hurtful online comments that were made about her infant son, Phoenix. Hilton expressed that these remarks were deeply hurtful and more damaging than words can describe. Despite being a public figure accustomed to criticism, she firmly believes that targeting her child, or any child for that matter, is completely unacceptable.

Key Takeaway

Paris Hilton shares her heartache over the online trolling of her infant son’s head size. She emphasizes the need for love, acceptance, and respect towards children and highlights the challenges she faces as a public figure and mother on social media.

Hilton took to social media to address the hateful comments, acknowledging that being in the spotlight invites comments from all directions. However, she expressed disappointment that her child became the subject of such negativity. As a mother, Hilton has worked hard to create an environment of love, respect, and acceptance for her children and expects the same in return.

One of the challenges Hilton faces is the pressure to share moments of her life on social media. If she chooses not to post pictures of her baby, people assume she is not a good mother. But if she does share photos, she is met with cruel and hateful comments. This puts Hilton in a difficult position, where she cannot escape judgment regardless of her choices.

Despite the negative comments, Hilton proudly identifies herself as a working mom and cherishes the role of motherhood. Becoming a mother has been one of her lifelong dreams, and she considers Phoenix to be the greatest blessing in her life.

Earlier, when trolls targeted her child’s appearance, Hilton took a stand by responding to comments on a TikTok video. She defended Phoenix’s health and well-being, emphasizing that he is perfectly healthy. It was her way of confronting the sick mentality that some people possess.